Ontario Home Inspector Licensing



**Thursday, August 6, 2009
1:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Ramada Inn, London, Ontario
Pre-registration - PHPIO Member: 10.00 Non-Member: 15.00
At the door - PHPIO Member: 20.00 Non-Member: 25.00
(Seating is limited to 150)

****Provincial & National Home Inspection industry leaders **
Consumer advocates
Real Estate industry representatives
Provincial government representatives

There will be ten minute slots for any persons to make presentations of their opinions, suggestions, etc. but they must be pre-arranged.

All Ontario home inspectors and other interested parties are invited to attend.

**We will discuss issues such as: **Is there a need for licensing in Ontario
Will it benefit consumers?
Will it hurt or help inspectors ?
What standards would be acceptable?
Who would operate a licensing program?
How can we ensure that all sectors have input?

Pre-register at info@phpio.ca or 1-866-785-5355
Deadline for Pre-registration is July 31st.
Payment by: Cheque, Visa or M/C
Include full name, address, phone number and e-mail address.

4 CEU’s will be issued for this event

Thanks Bill

Sounds interesting see you there, come on Ontario Inspectors put your voice forward do not get blind sided like what happened in BC.

The link is not working Bill.

This meeting is very important. I am organizing a bus ride to london leaving Burlington around 10 am. Please register and email me at aciss@sympatico.ca ASAP. I will pay for the bus but get back to me in the next 2 days.

Thanks Allan
Aciss Home & Commercial Inspection Consultants

Thanks, Jerry:

I’m not sure what happened there, but people can also contact the office at admin@phpio.ca or me directly at cahpi1@yahoo.ca

Bill Mullen

For those who are opposed to this plan for a CAHPI / PHPIO based system of licensing in Ontario, you would be well advised to remember that your attendance will be touted as support in representations to the Ontario Government.

I do not believe this venue has anything to do with CAHPI, or intended to make any assumption(s) of what will or will not happen.

I view it simply as a fact finding mission, exploring the appetite of the Ontario home inspectors, for, against or talking about alternatives.

Interesting view Claude, especially when you understand that this ‘meeting’ is being organized by PHPIO whose stated purpose is to steer inspectors into the CAHPI mill. And lest we forget, these are the people who are trying to have their so called ‘national’ system declared the basis for licensing in and across Canada.

One does not have to read too deeply between the lines. Perhaps it might have been a better idea to have this meeting hosted by ALL the players NACHI ( CANADA), OAHI, CAHPI, PHPIO, CFIHI, NACHI etc. etc. etc. on neutral ground.


How about I cancel the meeting and you reshedule it using whatever format you think is acceptable. You have 24 hours during which I will accede to your wishes. The only requirement is that you make it open to everyone as we have done.
Bill M.


You have done a great job with the NCP and with keeping ALL home inspectors informed. Your continued efforts to keep us up to date with our industry are much appreciated by more inspectors then you know. Personally, I Thank You! I will also do my best to make it to the meeting along with 3 other home inspectors.


 If there will be Government of Ontario representatives on hand as Bill says than this would be a chance for you to voice your feelings on the subject to them rather than stay home and not be heard at all.

I urge all Ontario inspectors to attend. If you want the government to do what you want, you must make your views known to the government. They will listen to those that speak up. By remaining silent you will be deemed to have supported the majority thay speaks up. Also do your research before you go to the meeting. caphi inflated their membership numbers to the government here in Alberta so arm yourself with as many of the facts as you can. I think Ontario has close to if not more then 500 Certified INACHI members. How many certified members do the other associations have. Get those numbers if you can and demand they are accurate. These numbers are critical as the government plays by the numbers. If any committees are set up by the government you must make sure you are represented. I recommend you have a chapter exec that represents all Ont INACHI members. That’s what we did in Alberta and it has got us represented on the committee. Good luck. Remember the harder you work the luckier you get.


How about I cancel the meeting and you reshedule it using whatever format you think is acceptable. You have 24 hours during which I will accede to your wishes. The only requirement is that you make it open to everyone as we have done.
Bill M"**

Typical over reaction Bill. Sad.

Hardly, George.

You expressed much dissatisfaction with others organizing it, so obviously you must have a better solution. Please come forward and invest your time and organize it. Someone needs to organize it and pay the bills, and PHPIO stepped forward. That’s all. PHPIO does not have an official opinion about licensing, but we are willing to listen.

The oldest and largest association in Ontario is aggressively lobbying the Ontario government for control. If you feel nobody else other than them should have an opportunity to express their opinion about licensing, that’s just fine. I, however, don’t want to be licensed unless I have some input into how it will look. I haven’t seen anyone else stepping up to do anything, have you ???

Bill Mullen

Bill, with all due respect, there is much going on behind closed doors of which you are apparently unaware. Remember the best way to get a politician interested in a non-issue is to make a big noise about it, have a few meetings and convince them that there is a problem that they can ‘fix’ ( with the help of those who made the noise of course)

But you are right. None of us want to be licensed without input and we should all be involved in showing the government that the ‘facts’ and statistics that they will be presented with are out of date, inaccurate and not representative of the industry in the 21’st century.

If you are as serious as you seem to be, Bill, perhaps you will tell us who the “provincial representatives” are so that those of us who are unable to attend can contact them with our concerns.


If I knew which VIP’s were attending, the names would be out there. We have contacted several and we have received some positive responses. However, so far they all seem to be weighing how much political hay they can make for themselves before committing. We hope that at least two ‘big political names’ will attend.

However, we can’t force anyone to come, and if they don’t see any benefit to their own causes, who knows what they’ll decide?

We already have a panel full of a stellar cross-section of people familiar with licensing in various disciplines. There should be another announcement coming out either tomorrow or Friday. As far as I’m concerned, the real stars of the event should be the inspectors. They are the ones from whom we hope to get ideas and direction.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

It hasn’t been that bad in fact it has increased traffic and business as the weekend warriors are no longer around.

That’s a temporary effect.

Wait until the “inspector schools” pop up and begin sending their licensed graduates into the market every 16 weeks, offering $149 inspections…

When it happens, we’ll discuss your thoughts, again.

As opposed to the current state? You don’t need any training or experience to work as a home inspector in Ontario. Just a business licence.

HI schools are already available in Canada.

Now, it is harder to become a licensed HI in BC. You must meet several requirements that were not pre-requisites before licensing.

There is pros and cons to everything and yes there is some negative aspects to licensing. Although, the first 3 months has been fairly positive.

I am not arguing pro licensing, I am just informing of the current status of the industry in BC.