Ontario Meetings

Hi everyone:

I live in Huntsville, ON and am looking for any information regarding meetings in this area. I have yet to receive any info on chapters, etc. I would like to attend a meeting but obviously need more information before I can do that. Any help would be appreciated.


Chris Wilson
From The Ground Up - Home Inspection Services

Sorry no Chapters in your area .
The best I can recommend is to use this BB and ask questions.
If I can be of any help please ask you can send me email at any time or phone if you want to talk.
For more info visit my web site listed below.

Thanks for your help. Any idea where the closest one is to me? Or a list of the chapters?



Whatever happened to the Barrie chapter? That would be closer for Christopher.

kaput! Perhaps Robert Frost would like to start it up again. :slight_smile: hint hint Robert!

If your interested in doing a drive you can go to this meeting

at the moment I’m not sure what the Barrie or Toronto chapter is doing

If he does maybe we will all be charging 200.00 for an inspection.:smiley:


There is not at the present time a Toronto chapter. We tried to start one last year. It lasted for “One” meeting and our President decided he had enough and quit! I would like to start the chapter again…maybe next year.

Mario, when your ready to take this task next year I’ll come down and go over with you everything that worked for me here, It will take a weekend to go over the information but will be worth every miniute then.
We need a few good chapters in the region and again when your ready to step up I’ll be happy to pass all the information I have aquired to that point and share it with you. We need to begin creating a strong voice in Canada and the only way is to start chapters in various regions and begin education the people about us and most importantly Home Inspections as a professional Industry. Untill you have the chapter up and running members are welcome to hang their hat at the Kingston chapter as such time untill a local or closer one has been established.
Anyways a novel is beginning to unfold here so I’ll stop with this, InterNACHI is the finest Association in the world and hands down does more for their members then any other Association barr none.

PS: Mario or Roy give me a call and let me know how the IR course is going this week,

Bill DeVries

if you’re interested in the Kingston chapter here is a link to get you there.

email me call me or send carrier pidgieon, just do something to get going and moving forward in the industry.

Thanks Will!!!

I will see you in Kingston on the 8th. I will have my laptop with me at the Hotel room and will check in on the MB as I’m sure Roy will.


Just on update on day 1 of Level1 certification.

We (Roy) and I are having a blast at this course!! We have to process quite a lot of information but we are enjoying the class! We also have another fellow NACHI member taking this course with us.
I will post pics on Fri.night!

Great course so far 4 home inspectors there all NACHI 3 men a lady .
So great to see more ladies getting into the home Inspection industry ( speaking from experience ).

Roy how could I forget about Susanne?

I am glad to hear you guys are enjoying the course. I will be taking the same course in January. I just had too much booked to take it now.

It would have been nice to have you here Paul!!