Local roofers protest new safety regulations

From today’s ‘warranty’ inspection. Anybody have any concerns other than sloppy workmanship?

Roofers have wear fall protection now, so this is how this crew created their tie off point.

Not exactly fine home building is it?

Just make sure there are no joints in that spot. I would make them re deck that area or no pass.

Why re deck it, just use a kwik plug.

Pretty? NO

Sloppy? Yes

A real problem? Unlikely unless you step on it.

I agree. And even then I think you’d have to put a toe or heel into it- depending on shingle quality- to damage the shingles (if it’s shingles).

Not really much different than a worn wood shingle / shake roof on spaced 1x4’s.

If I were paying for it, I would want it fixed. Wouldn’t you? And it should have the proper tie off(s) installed on the roof for future repairs/maintenance.

There should be no holes or gaps in decking. If I were to nail in that small area I would likely break the shingle mat. Do you think that’s ok?

I’m with Samuel, I wouldn’t pay for it if I saw it or I would insist that area done properly.