Log cabin. Unknown cut in logs

Why is there a cut in the log cabin wall? This is right above a diagonally cut window on the front of a log cabin. I don’t understand why this cut exists… If anyone knows the purpose of this cut, please let me know. Thanks,

I have a hard time believing that it is a kerf to break up water flow. It appears to me as an erroneous cut. The logs are laying horizontal. The left side of this window is vertical… forgive my photo perspective… the roof is pitched significantly… I can’t tell how deep the cut is (2nd floor large custom window). Yes the seal in the window is compromised… but why is this cut here?

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looks like it may have been an error or a change in plan, note the 1st log on right is only partially cut

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I’m having trouble getting oriented from this one photo. This looks like the logs are horizontal like a table top. Is this photo actually rotated from how it would look in person? Is this the top, bottom, or side of the window? When you provide photos, provide both a master photo that shows the general area you’re asking about, and then a closeup of the details.

In log homes, one reason for saw cuts like that is to interrupt the flow of water across a log surface. Used for that, cuts are called “kerfs”. Kerfs are installed to cause water to drip off the surface before it reaches an area in which it might cause problems. Kerfs are often installed on the undersides of window sills or sill logs to keep water from running back against the wall and being absorbed where they might cause decay.

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Agree. I see the flashing at the top of the photo, but the OP calls it a wall. A wider view photo might be helpful.
The cut kinda looks like a Skilsaw cut through something on top and the blade was set too deep. Does the cut compromise anything as you evaluate it?

Possibly had to rip the trim down? Or were they going to install flashing in that groove?

Did any of the other windows have similar cuts?

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Only the two front windows had these cuts over them.

Got a photo of the elevation of the home that these windows are on?

I am with you on this. Probably for metal wrap or flashing and then the idea was discarded.

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I guess if he was really curious he’d have answered by now.

Now that I see the photo, yes, it’s a mistake. Not a big deal, but unfortunate.

I take it this is a manufactured log home. I see no chinking between logs,
Having large window openings with one side diagonally cut so close to the roof line could they be control joints. Like cutting concrete slabs to control cracking but in this case wood checking.

They made a mistake and cut, to inset the casing, and it was too wide…IMHO


Looks like that to me also. It’s right where a flashing would go. And imagine trying to caulk that window against the uneven logs without a flashing…

Is this is a log sided home, or a true log wall home? What’s the chinking between logs? What’s a side or section view of the logs look like?