Logo design - how is it?

Only use One logo, and on the front. Use the back to add your areas served and type of services. The front just needs your name, phone number and email that can all be easily read


I like it! The green circle in the top right is my personal favorite of the group.

I would keep it more generic such as “Serving all of Southern Oregon…” or “Serving Southern Oregon” etc… Many people from out of area may not be familiar with County/City names as of yet.

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I like it. I would add “InterNACHI Certified” to the logo somewhere. Consumers love third-party certification. Because Americans rarely buy homes, they won’t know what it is, but it sounds good and they like it.

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I agree thanks - I’ll add it.

Logo Looks very good!

Welcome to our forum, Kate!..enjoy participating. :smile:

Nick is right on.

Thanks - I do have the InterNACHI CPI logo on the card but not “in” the logo. I’ll take a look at it!

Adam, the logo is very sharp. I tried looking your business up online to see your website and the domain is still out there for the taking. You might want to grab it! The domain peaktopeakinspections.com with an S is already in use, so you probably want to leave inspection singular. Besides, you already ordered some pretty cool looking apparel! Good Luck

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