Logo design - how is it?

Just finished my logo design. Would like your thoughts. I had my sister in law design it as she is a graphic designer. So no need for the InterNACHI marketing material being required I believe, but would you still put it on there or as long as the website and business cards etc states it with the certified badges and such would that be fine?

Attached is my logo/branding board for different usages and locations aka web, print, clothing


I like it. Very nicely done.


I like the two on the bottom right. Would just be concerned that they would wash out on anything with a white background.

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I like the one on the top right, it looks more like a logo.

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Thanks - the background will change for what background they’re on. Going to integrate the colors into the website and other materials too.

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I like the one at bottom right, one to left, with roof top.
If you don’t already have your business name finalized you may want to add home or property in front of inspection, and maybe use inspections, with an S at the end. Just a thought.

Beautiful design.

The only negative I’ll mention is that while the intricate design and thin lines of the house and mountains are beautiful in a large size, it doesn’t play well as a logo on a tiny smartphone screen. The current trend in logo design is to make simpler and bolder designs to account for the fact that most people will be seeing your logo shrunk down in the corner of a tiny smartphone screen.


Welcome to our forum,Eric!..enjoy participating. :smile:

First glance, Peak Peak is an easy read. Inspection is not. But, I like it! Good luck :crossed_fingers:

Could be cool to go with Peak-2-Peak instead of “to”.

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I think you got it. Truck logos and such, NACHI logo may clutter the design, I would probably move my credentials away from my logo and phone number to insure clarity, quick read and branding.

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Thank you. I for sure will pick the background appropriately. Those were first revisions. Here are some shirts and sweatshirts I ordered.


Super nice, love the blue


Thanks! Here is one side biz cars

Are those towns on the left?

Counties I’ll serve - I think the card needs some work like - what do I inspect and what are some “add ons” etc

Gotcha. Be sure to keep your service area big. You can always adjust your price for further away. I’ll go anywhere someone is willing to pay.

Sure, if you have add-ons, front or back is a good place for them.


Thank you - yes I figure 4 counties where I live is a few hours drive depending on where. I commute 140 miles to my current fire job through some crappy snowy mountain passes - so I’ll be willing to drive!

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Don’t busy it up too much. Simpler is often better. My first cards had way too much packed in and were difficult to read. Yours above look pretty good but if you want to add more you can always put it on the back. If you do use the back, that would be a good place for a profile pic. People like to see who they are dealing with.

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Thank you! Here is the front back but I think I need to add at least residential home inspection somewhere