Logos & Embroidery

The more complicated a logo design gets, the less likely it will be possible to embroider the logo. If you are going to have your logo embroidered, you do not want to have an extremely detailed logo design. While more elaborate emblems can be an interesting approach to a logo, be aware of where and how you intend to use a logo in the future. A really complicated logo is always going to be more complicated to work with in the long run than a more modern and simple logo. If you are not sure how you intend to use a logo down the road, it is always better to err on the side of simplicity. A more clean and modern logo graphic is going to be more flexible in the long run because you will run into fewer hurtles reformatting the design for different marketing applications. If you have already run into these issues, the InterNACHI marketing team can help set up a more flexible logo design. Remember, you can always ask the design team for our opinions about how a design is or is not working. It is better to find out what isn’t working early on so that you don’t end up having to redesign everything later on.

InterNACHI Marketing

Marketing contact: jessica@internachi.org


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