London bomb plot WOW!!

Well, here we go again. 21 British NATIVES of Pakistani descent arrested in London for plotting to blow up 6 planes headed for the U.S. using liquid explosives in their carry-ons. No more liquids allowed on ANY flights for now, including domestic ones.

Hi Joe,

As many of you know I was born and raised in England so was obviously very disturbed to read the overnight news from London this morning.

The UK has a very large Asian population stemming from India being a British colony for 200 years up until independance and the partitioning of India/Pakistan in 1947.

We also had a huge influx of East African Asians in 1973 after Idi Ammin kicked all UK passport holders out of Uganda. I have always concidered the UK to be a fairly stable multiethnic place and I have many friends over there in the Asian communities, most of whom come from families what entered the UK a generation ago with little more than the shirts on their backs, and have worked like hell to raise their families and build businesses.

It is obvious that over the last few years that the UK has ended up with perhaps more that its fair (if there is any fair) share of Muslim fundementalists, that is an embrassement to anyone of my decent.

This attempt to bomb aircraft flying between London and the US is a crude attempt to dive a wedge between the allies working towards peace and stability in the far East. and that cannot be allowed to happen for all our sakes.

Thankfully, we have a great police force and security apparatus in the UK that has been working quietly (and successfully) to round up any members of terrorist cells based in the UK and I hope that they are able to accomplish that mission without any further loss of innocent life.


Gerry (the Brit)

Well said Gerry. It is just a shame that people who grew up in a country (regardless of their heritage) have such hatred for it.

The mosques where the hatred is taught are at fault, but how do you stop that? It seems we’ve reached a point of no return, where the hatred will never stop and continue to grow.

These Muslim fundementalists groups are preaching death to those who are
not part of their religion. They quote this principle from their own holy book,
the Koran. Not every Muslim is like this and those who are moderate need to
speak out against these wackos and correct their own ranks.

They do not understand that they are setting themselves up for a massive
backlash from societies around the world. More and more people are
taking action against groups that preach such a death messages in their
meetings. This is going to get ugly and many good people will suffer
as society starts to purge themselves from these wackos.

Do not misunderstand me. I do not hate anyone. I am just telling
you what is going to happen and what is already happening in some

This is not going to be pretty and will get worse before better. I
am not promoting violence. But people will let you try to kill them
for just so long before a bachlash developes out of desperation
and a desire to live without fear. Free societies of the world
allow others to live and let live as long as you don’t step on
another persons rights. These fundamentalists are pushing
societies into a corner.

Pray for peace.

Damn near incredible what twisted minds will do for the sake of whatever it is they believe in.

God Bless the Good Guys


Quote: Originally Posted by jhugenroth Well, here we go again. 21 British NATIVES of Pakistani descent arrested in London for plotting to blow up 6 planes headed for the U.S. using liquid explosives in their carry-ons. No more liquids allowed on ANY flights for now, including domestic ones.

Gerry and Joe unfortunately we are close to the same thing in North America.
We all saw what happened in New York .
They just recently found a group in Toronto with the same silly ideas.
I do feel we might have brought much of this on our selves .
Yes we are fortunate to have a Police forth who did find these people , but the cost keeps going up and it could soon bankrupt our countries
Some of our own children are loosing the ability to respect any one .
We have stopped tough love and started to allow many others dictate how we must not chastise our children and give them any punishment.
Most are now will not give their kid a small slap for misbehaving.
Punishment in the courts is going down hill .
I wonder if Singapore with corporal punishment does not have the correct idea.
I read a story of a person who was canned and they said no way would they ever want that to happen again.
I got the strap in school and WOW! it sure got my attention .
Roy Cooke Sr

This is what we should do:

I wholeheartedly concur.

I love Anne Coulter.

I have a close friend, from grammar school, who has been a U.S. Marshal for the last 20 years.

He has told me that, since 9/11, there have been approximately 320 serious terrorist attacks that have been foiled in the U.S. He wouldn’t get into details (and he shouldn’t) but did state that at least 2 involved nuclear threats.

He told me that the policy was to not publicize this fact because a) It would lead to political backlash, b) it would lead to panic and c) that it would compromise the intellegence effort.

I’m just glad that we have these guys working for us, as well as the rest of the sane world’s police and intellegence groups.

But, as has been said, we have to be right 100% of the time and they have to be right only once.

BTW: Please notice that there is a struggle goung on inside the terrorists ranks. Sunni and Shia are battling each other, between themsleves and for the world’s attenion as the top dogs. Just because they are both muslim does not mean that the get along. In fact, most of the terrorist killing is terrorists killing terrorists.

Also, have you caught the recent (but not highly publicized in the drive by media) the fact that Israel has found members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard (Iran’s Army) among the dead terrorists in Lebenon?

Clearly, an internal struggle is taking place for the hears and minds of the Islamo-fascist movement. Better they kill each other off than us.

Yes. But please don’t dare listen to these a**holes’ telephone conversations.

Yeah, all those left-wing bleeding heart George Soros types who cry about the government quashing their freedoms by listening to phone conversations. But I’m willing to bet they are the first ones to screech when a terrorist does something bad. How do you think the British police got wind of the plot? Probably in part by listening to their calls to Pakistan or Iran or wherever.
I could give a rat’s behind if someone listens to me talking to my wife about what to get at the grocery store, if it means they might catch a terrorist plotting something.
Besides, people have the wrong idea about what is done. With all the millions of calls, there is no time to listen to individual calls, but they listen for key words in the conversation.
If they want to listen to me talking to a friend about a football game, let 'em
be bored to death. If it helps make us safer, I’m all for it!

I’m officially declaring you “sane”.

Is that a professional opinion?? :slight_smile:

You can take it to the bank.

Please don’t forget that these people are entitled to a speedy trial. May I suggest a British military tribunal (should take about twenty minutes), followed by a nice cup of tea, and then a bullet behind the ear for each of them. I’ll handle the gun, if Gerry Beaumont doesn’t want that honor. God save the Queen, and God bless America.

Keith, I am with you mate, maybe we should turn the Isle of White into the UK edition of Quantonomo Bay. It was never good for anything else anyway :wink:



Keith and Gerry, I just hope that these cretins are “assisting the police with their inquiries.” If you know what I mean.

Good idea. Can I be King, and failing that the Prince of the Isle of White? Just think about it, we can get back to the good-old-days of dungeons, the wrack, the spit, heads on spikes, burnings on the bonfire, and gin flowing in the streets.

Joe, exactly. All else failing, I hope they’re smacking them across the face with dead fish, or at least spam, a la Monty Python. But, after that inquisition, the bullet behind the ear treatment.