America dodged a bullet today :)

I hope you are all aware of how lucky we are that the politicians finally came to their senses. We were just a few votes away from having lost the ability to protect our family, friends and community as we see fit. Consider today a great day and continue the pressure on the communist minded folks that run our government and do all you can to make sure you never lose your second amendment rights. They are all that stands between you and death. When trouble comes your way you have only yourself to rely on. Dialing 911 will do nothing but get someone there to show up and identify you and your dead family. Arm yourselves and always be prepared to protect those you love. If you do not no one will :slight_smile: We as a nation dodged a bullet today lets make sure it is dead forever and it does not ever come up again. Do not let the past repeat itself. Protect your rights for those you love and those who cannot protect themselves.

PLEASE this I beg of you all.

Its ok. With everyones attention on Boston and the concerns over gun control he was able to do something that to make himself feel better.


Finally something went the way I wanted it to go :slight_smile:

A tad bit of hope has been restore to me about the American politicians.

They actually need what was necessary for the well being of our Country.

We won this battle.

But there are still many legislators out there who are willing to risk hundreds of millions of innocent lives to tyranny.

Here are the 4 pro-tyranny fake-republican senators who voted against freedom:

Pro-tyranny Toomey from PA.
Pro-tyranny Kirk from IL.
Pro-tyranny Collins from ME.
Pro-tyranny McCain from AZ.

Background checks might save a few dozen lives a year, I’m not sure. The government taking another step closer toward disarming the citizenry has certainly lead to millions of deaths historically.

Q: What sickos would trade millions of innocent lives for a few dozen?
A: Toomey, Kirk, Collins and McCain.

Are you kidding? There’s no way this could be quantified one way or another.

Criminals should not be allowed to have guns, but a background check certainly won’t stop them from obtaining one.

We can blindly claim this as a “victory,” or we can open our eyes and see that this never should have made it to a vote.

The only people we have to protect ourselves from is each other…the love affair with guns is bs. I don’t share your excitement. If some dumb *** wants to shoot you. or me…he will. Cuz he has a gun and the will to do so. Like all of those kids and folks the other day…you aren’t going to know it or be ready enough to defend yourself with your assault rifle or side arm. No need for any of it. What we all NEED is to exist together without all of that stuff. But clearly, we can’t. Sad day.

We are all criminals. Some have been convicted and some are still on the loose.

Even if background checks would have prevented every mass shooting (background checks wouldn’t have, but hypothetically, let’s say they would have)… you’re still arguing over hundreds of lives at most and the argument is theoretical.

In contrast, we KNOW that historically, any step toward gun control, even sensible (on the surface) steps… increase the odds of tyranny. Tyranny isn’t some far-fetch theory… it’s recent human history. And it causes the loss of millions of lives.

Put millions of lives at risk to theoretically save hundreds? What math are they using to suggest that trade? Someone buy the gun-control movement a $5 calculator.

I am not sure where you are getting “millions”. The whole Tyranny angle is just the misguided fear of grown men. I feel more protected by this government then I do fearful. The NRA does nothing to help solve the issue accept present the stupid idea of arming teachers. i spent 20 years in education and mental health and ran a secure facility for trouble kids. I was the first in my area and one of the first to put in cameras and locked doors. I feel like I saw this coming long ago. My wife is a teacher (27 years). You don’t want her possessing a gun in school. She doesn’t want that either. We are creating a less engaging society with all of the technology available, a more divided society politically. I am more concerned with the fact that we are creating a less accepting society, that those with greatest financial means are becoming more and more jaded in regard to their fellow man and separating themselves and their money from the real issues that need to be addressed. I am more fearful that we have sent so many jobs offshore that we have created a huge group of nearly unemployable individuals who resort to other means to survive. We have a huge prescription drug problem in my area… Guns just complicate all of this.

I live in a state where hunting is huge. Where guys live and breathe deer hunting. Great folks. A high percentage of them will tell you that assault type weapons do not belong in the hands of the everyday person. In my mind, you shouldn’t be able to own one. In my mind, no one should be allowed to posses them or body armor. Why do you need this stuff? If you think you are going to need to take up arms against your government or your neighbor, then you have other issues. We have evolved.

Tracking and registration should be on every gun sold. Like all of your cars. Background checks would help going forward. No they, wouldn’t account for the trip hammer dude that already owns one and carries out the next deed, But it is a step in the right direction. Put freaking Google on it for Pete sake, they track everything else you do.

Nobody is trying to take your guns. So, stop freaking out that about that. It is not the issue. But if you shouldn’t have a gun, and show this in a background check, like a job or owning a car, I personally really don’t want you having one.

I want to see real change in this area, in the safety of our citizens. I want to see what responsible gun owners and the NRA are going to do to be helpful in that. The of thosemajority of people in this country feel as I do. You will see this going forward. People want a safe and accepting society. Most people could care less about gun ownership on a daily basis. But misguided fear makes people do things that they really shouldn’t in the end. It is in the paper everyday.

That vote was about politics, not what was best for the people. I feel for the Newtown families, Gabby Giffords. and all those effected by gun violence. We aren’t doing enough to protect our citizens. Guns are not the greatest means to do this. It takes human action to pull a trigger. Clearly, we need to work on the human factor.

Except for your last statement I think you hit every talking point of the lefties in this country.

Please study some history and then come back and apologize to those of us who want to protect our constitutional rights without government intervention.

The president accused the NRA of lying to stop the background check expansion. What lie?

Well the gun controllers have been lying for 80 years.

Fools will never see the truth.

I fear sheep like you thank goodness you were defeated. Something finally worked out how I wanted it to . Finally :slight_smile:

Lefties fund the world’s largest armory everyday with their tax dollars and yet they desire to strip us of our second amendment rights. It’s moronic but I guess they must consider us “soft targets” for their efforts to produce legislation that makes them feel good.

Some of them even go so far as to use their government issued credentials to tout their credibility in an effort to convince us that Utopia is achievable and if we’d just disarm and hug a criminal everything would be alright. They say this while collecting their government pensions then becoming home inspectors prepared to low ball the market.:smiley:

Really? How much more naïve could you possibly be?

And just WHO do expect will be “protecting” our citizens. I’ll give you a hint - it will be “people” with guns - “these people” being law enforcement/government personnel. “These people” being several minutes away. And 99% of the time, “these people” will be picking up the pieces and taking statements - just like in Newtown and just like with Gifford.

No thanks. I will be proactive and prepared to stop a threat, rather than being a “good witness,” or worse yet, a victim.

It’s Vermont Jeff ;-):smiley:

Isn’t that the state that has the Socialist Senator?

Why yes it is.

Bernie Sanders

You have to give him credit though. He’s not ashamed like the rest of them.

He hasn’t enabled his location in his profile…:wink:

Would you? :shock::wink:

I am left for sure…lefthanded that is. Protect the citizens from what? What are you thinking is going to happen here Mr. Chaos theorist? That mentality is part of the problem.

Call Sanders what you want, but he fights for you mother and grand parents and has done more in that regard then anyone in the whole group of those idiots.

The only people I want having assault weapons is my military which I proudly contribute to and my police force, which I also proudly contribute to. I don’t want Bubba and Joe Bag-of-Donuts and the little creep playing video games all day and living in his parents basement bec me. Not with the everyday decision making I see and the disconnect that is growing by the moment in individuals with society. I also don’t want a bunch of scared men with a Chicken Little complex protecting me and having assault weapons either.

When you start making it political, you aren’t part of the solution. You continue to perpetual the problem. You will see. We see it daily now. And it is getting worse. You have to admit that. Otherwise, who has their head in the proverbial sand really?