Long-time InterNACHI inspector in Kansas article about home inspections.

Congrats Steven!

Congrats Steve!

But this is a strange article, the guy in the picture is not Steve, he is also holding an ancient checklist and the Kansas inspector or whoever they speak of is not even named. Steve still works in CA as far as I know.

I sent via scan/email the article to Nick, because the local paper did not have a link/article on their web site, but had it in the paper. That tells me that it was paid as an advertisement.

I thought the article was pretty good, but Ed Robinson talked about home inspectors, and being on the Kansas HI board, but is not a home inspector himself. ASHI must be hurting also, as you can see, with low priced $300 inspections. Most here are lower than that.

At least something to drum up some business here cannot be all bad. Having a local CMI and/or inspector would be much better, IMO. The inspector mentioned is from CA.

I think I have seen that same picture elsewhere.

It’s several yrs. old.



Price for 3/2 condo seemed reasonable - $300

Most of the experienced inspectors I know charge $300-$350 for the basic home inspection on smaller houses, condos or townhomes up to 2,000 - 2,500sf AND then go up from there.

Then they add on $60-$75 for termite AND $100 to $125 for radon, so not sure what you mean by not happy with the price quotes.

Missed the article … Nobody else I’ve talked to mentioned seeing it.

Like already said … Looked like old fashioned checklist NOT better quality newer 3-part narrative checklist type.

LOL. Yeah, the clip-board went away 10 years ago. A good home inspection can be had at $300, or even less. A great home inspection would be $425 and up.

Gary the guy buying said he’d paid $300 for condo … That sounds reasonable. Do you think we really have any inspectors in KC charging under $300 for a small house without a termite, etc??