Look at who was handing out in my herb garden

My GSD said there was something sketchy in there.


My wife just planted flowers in there a couple days ago.

P3180103 (Small).JPG



Copperhead mouth (Small).jpg

Damn Chuck you got balls. I assume you took those pictures of his mouth yourself or was handling it at the time :slight_smile:

What kind is it a pygmy or timber? I do not know if either are in your area just guessing.

Cool to do though I like to show kids stuff like that but there is one 14 ish girl that knows way more than me so I listen to here in my own swamp.

I’d say you timed that all wrong! :slight_smile:

Copperhead. The mouth picture was taken in his final moments.

Ohh my 14ish year old girl would not be happy BUT I would have done the same in MY yard.

The only good snake is a dead snake, regardless of species…

Perfect reason for the “The Judge”.
I call it home defense, some call it a snake gun. :mrgreen:

Judge Taurus.jpg

Non-venomous hog nose snake sometimes referred to as a spread head because it flattens it head like a cobra when frightened. This snake will play dead if you jack with it enough. It will flip over on its back and stick its tongue out, cool snake. We have them in Missouri, but rarely see one.

That’s cool it flips over on it’s back…Makes it easier to stab it in the throat to kill it!!!

All snakes are good snakes as long as they do not mess with me or are to much in my space :slight_smile:

I was trudging through the swamp one morning before light and found a nice place to hide for ducks and it had underwater seaweed type grass all the way to the surface providing a floating mat and me knowing the swamp like I do decided to sweep it with my light, glad I did. I got on the radio and asked all my buddies if anyone minded me shooting before legal hours and no one did. He was one of the biggest I have ever seen and I figured the only way I would know where he was all day was if he was dead :frowning:

He would have likely moved away when I approached but may have came back to the scent of dead or ducks later and they are scary f-ckers to me but I no longer kill them on site where ever they are like I did as a kid.


Your right. We get a lot of copperheads and coral snakes and I’m usually pretty good on identification. I’ve never seen a hognose snake in the wild before and he was acting fairly aggressive. I did notice that he had round pupils, so I should have recognised it for what it was.

I would not have harmed him had I realized. Very aggravated with myself now.