first one this year

Yep, 1st one this year, found it on Friday. Nice to come upon these face to face before you see their tale moving.


snake (2).JPG

snake (1).JPG

Glad I wasn’t doing HI when I lived in Knoxville or Black Mtn.
Way too many copperheads, etc.

Happy that I didn’t run into many rattlers in Colorado; Idaho is just fine for me, Brian!

ps- I looked at that wall with JT today; I believe it was condensation from warm dryer line, trapped in insulation, behind the plastic vapor barrier lining the back of sheetrock wall.

That is what I suggested as well over the phone, I told him to give you a shout.

And ITS BEN, Brian is bkelly2…:smiley:

Nice snake Brian! :stuck_out_tongue:

wow. What did you do about the snake.

:oops: BenBenBenBen
Got it!

Copperhead Ben?

Gentlemen, kindly stop referring to my snake.:slight_smile:

PS when do I get to be bkelly1

I believe it was your common chicken snake.

Brian, you will always be number one in my book. LOL

I calmly went the other direction. After watching it crawl into the block foundation.