Look out!

One year old house, 1 yr warranty inspection, no other electrical issues except this one…

Simple disconnect box problems can fry inspectors too if the right amount of issues add up. :shock:

No, I did not get shocked, been working with high voltage equipment since I was 16. :cool:

I left the disconnect disabled and the panel breaker turned off. :slight_smile:


Of all the places… I would have gotten shocked with my luck…

Had that numb brain electrician or most likely “electrician helper” had left the ground off, that box would have been deadly. Luckily. the ground was there and the scorch marks were also noticed before touching it.

So what was the cause of the problem?

The screw for the inside cover was screwed into that large branch circuit wire.
The screw head was not damaged and it looked just like the original factory screw.