Panel box

I recently did a H.I. and while putting the over sized cover back on got a numbing shock, any similar experiences?

1153 4th Mj 058.JPG

Not good, Amy, and is the picture posted sideways or do the breakers say off in the up position?

The open ground that i got while testing, should have been a clue.

that is how the panel was installed
the breakers do say off at the top and on at the bottom of the breakers

They shouldn’t…but you’ll be referring it to a qualified electrician anyway.

Hmmm, where’s the neutral feed?

That panel, is a complete “amature night” job and is clearly in a dangerous condition, I’d just defer the whole mess to a licensed electrician.

BTW Amy, please go to home depot and pick up a voltage “tic” so you can sense for stray voltage on any panel before it gets to bite you!!




Agree on where is the neutral. Tried blowing up your photo and couldn’t tell if the main feed had a dust mark or a nick in the wire at the edge of the panel.




Thats a dust mark, I noticed that too.
I did recommend that they get a qualified Electrian in to look at this panel box.

I had the home owner Phone me, and say to me that he phoned an electrian and he described the box to him. I explained to him that descibing electrical over the phone is like me telling you how to give your wife a hair cut.(both dangerous things to do) I told him that I would only sign off on this box, having been looked at and fixed by a qualified Electrian when I have seen the paper work.

"home depot and pick up a voltage “tic”.
thanks for the tip, Gerry, I will.

looks like they used a bare conductor for the neutral/ground.

2 q’s…

  1. where was the bonding screw/strap located?

  2. what were you touching other than the panel cover?

Since the neutral was not insulated and in contact with the case current could flow through anything conductive.

And as others have said the breaker slots on half the panel should not have been utilized. In the US “up” should be “on” according to the NEc.

Count your blessings, :slight_smile: It could have been much worse. :shock: