Staying aware

**We often hear of and are taught to be wary when we approach a panel dead front to inspect it. I do routinely use a sniffer on most dead fronts and am especially cautious in an older or vacated home. I did an inspection yesterday afternoon on a vacant house that has been flipped. Like an apple that is over ripe --shiny on the outside, rotten on the inside. The dead front was hot prior to turning off the main disconnect and I found where some yo-yo had used a sheet metal screw to attach the panel. The pointed screw had pierced the main feed to the panel. Don’ know the story behind the whole affair. I don’t know how the person screwing the screw kept from being electrocuted. I just know that I am glad that it wasn’t me. **


Good catch.

Probably because the only way he could be electrocuted is if he had his other bare hand holding onto a plumbing pipe or something else that was grounded. Either that panel was somehow/someway not bonded or that screw did not completely pierce the jacket.


good catch

**When I closely inspected the feed line with a flashlight I could see a melted portion of the line. It did pierce the sheathing. **