Looking For A Few Good Men . . Er Persons

Volunteers from each province are needed to help move a new Home Inspection organization into the next phase of development. If you enjoy thankless tasks, constant criticism from your peers but still want to make a contribution to our profession then you are needed.

“Aligned” - “non-aligned” - members of other organizations all welcome.

If you think that you can contribute in organizing then PM me. This is your chance to help the Home Inspection Industry in Canada move in a new direction. The rest, as they say, will be history.

“bimp” - Pink Panther

George read my private email to you. You know my stance. :wink:



How can people get in touch with you… post your email addy please.

click on his name above and place to send internal NACHI mail goes to him .
Roy Cooke

The organization’s web site will be up and running in the VERY near future so until that time anyone interested will please “PM” me and I will get back to you right away. ( I resist putting my private Email up there as I am already getting enough VIAGRA, inexpensive mortgages, offers from hot teenage chicks, and stock tips!)

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Kinda reminds me of my friend.
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There’s that blimp again. Every time you say that I go outside to look.

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Roy… It crashed and burned… you might still see the flames


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It’s BAAaack!