Looking for a good mold report template to follow

Good evening my fellow inspectors. I am looking for a good mold report template to follow. I use an excel program for my home inspection report writing and will build the mold template based on best advice and recommendations. Any and all help will be most appreciated. Thanks.

You should check out the IAC2 SOP for mold inspections. It is quite comprehensive and does provide for a clear expectation of what should be included. You can give me a call if needed at (832) 450-7299. Always willing to help.

Why not just write a summary of the laboratory findings

…and after all that, when they ask the big question, “Is it dangerous?” You won’t know to tell them.

Thanks Daniel. My thoughts exactly. Cover what’s in the SOP and your covered. Did my first mold inspection yesterday. Client gave me the go ahead to take any samples necessary. Said brother had been spending time there and was having issues. Took outside air sample and two inside where he slept and where he spent most of his time . Took black mold swabs at textured ceiling , bio tape samples of white mold directly above his recliner and samples in crawlspace from a prior major water leak. Spent about 3 hours there being as thorough as possible from top to bottom.

Here in Texas, if you fail to follow the state rules ( extremely obscure) or not disclose all your findings, lab results, chain of custody, etc. your butt would be hanging out there. It takes vary little for the state to fine you or suspend your license. The IAC2 SOP can be found on our web page. The mold training describes many items that should be adhered to. My state title is Mold Assessment Consultant. It is the highest level the state offers and I’m proud of it. I will not provide a template to anybody but, I will assist them in creating their own. Finding a good mold inspection report is not that easy to find. The SOP is the minimum rules to follow and any enhancements should be considered beforehand to make sure that you are not exceeding the standards too much but you still need to make sure your butt is covered legally. As far as a template is concerned, start with a home inspection and add the required sections specific to satisfy your states requirements.

Thanks. I was stationed at Dyess AFB in Abilene Texas for 10 years. Dont mess with Texas .