Looking for one or two Radon Beta Testers

I’ve been working on an application for those inspectors that use Sun Nuclear radon monitors. I’m not an emloyee, just a fellow inspector. I get questions all the time from clients and Realtors regarding Radon and areas where it may exist. I have had good feedback with this so far.

I’ve developed a database application that will allow “approved” inspectors to upload their data and have it displayed on a map. I have the database done and tested with Sun Nuclear 1027 CRM. I’m struggling a bit with the map to get it to work correctly. Eventually I would like a user to put in a zipcode and area to center the map around their location.

I would like a little feedback and for a couple of other inspectors to try it out. If you’re interested, please let me know. Here is the link for the map.

Wisconsin DEP doesn’t provide you with a radon potential map?

Here’s the NJ radon potential map

Sure it does but it’s on a macro scale like the one you showed me.


This is intended to show actual results and provide a place where inspectors have a place to get more “exposure” to help the industry (pun intended):roll:


You’d really have to get a huge sample size and have to account for seasonal changes and radon level fluctuations to be able to accurately get detailed information on radon potential. Seems daunting…

That’s what computers are for and one has to start somewhere… Just trying to be helpful.:slight_smile:

Where does the data come from for the State Maps??? I’ve never reported a test that I ever performed and no other inspectors that I know has either. Maybe it comes from a mitigation company? Who knows.

My understanding is that the NJ DEP gets the results of all radon tests that are over 4.0pCi/L from the NJ Certified Radon Businesses (In my case, the lab that analyzes my radon canisters). They are the ones who compile the radon potential map.

But what about those of us that use CRM’s? No lab analysis is required.

You had a good point on your last post and I updated the page text accordingly describing the test data meet the standards for short-term tests for Real Estate Transactions and long-term test results may vary. Thanks

I’m not sure. I only know about the requirements in NJ and every time I perform a CRM test, a lab has to certify the results.

Off subject, but how does that work? You you send the “lab” the printout? What does that cost? How would any lab be able to certify the results from a CRM?

I rent the CRM’s from the lab, return it when the test is finished, and they review the results.

How far are you from Pittman?

Pitman?, NJ
1 hour