New Jersey Radon Cert Exam Question

Hello All!

Business is all up and running finally, however I am not getting much work since I am not yet certified for Radon. I am in the middle of completing the Nachi Advanced Radon Course now, but I was wondering if anyone has taken the NJ Radon Measurement Technician Exam and could tell me just what I should expect.

I can’t find information anywhere on just what this is going to entail. Whether I should be furiously memorizing the formulas for control charts, focusing more on the effects and physics of Radon or maybe the proper operating procedures of the equipment. I am fully aware that a little of each will be on the exam, however I don’t even know if I am going to be presented with figures and asked to solve via formula the Coefficient of Variation or if this is all multiple choice like the majority of the other exams.

If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. I feel like this exam is going to be much harder than any of the others i’ve taken so far. Thank you!

If you’re not yet certified for radon, why don’t you just sub it to RAdata, CEC, or Hera. They’ll do the drop off and pick up.

That’s a really good idea. I do want to be able to advertise that I am certified just to be more competitive but in the interim ill look into them. Thanks!

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Suggest that you join your local NJ chapter to help stay abreast of local regulations/news!!