Looking for outerwear options....what do you recommend?

Looking for a heavier coat and a mid weight jacket for inspections. I plan to embroider my logo on the left breast if that matters. Water resistance would be important, but doesn’t need to be waterproof. I won’t be wearing this into crawlspaces, just while inspecting exteriors. What are some favorites for longevity and quality?

Where are you actually located? A very important consideration if in Minnesota, Colorado, or even Kentucky!

Southern Indiana

Duluth Trading:


Agree with Robert. Duluth Trading is awesome and their products are first rate!!

I live in Seattle and use a Marmot jacket. It is fully waterproof (Needed here!) and has giant pockets for GFCI tester, Water Pressure gauge, camera and a probe and anything else you want to add in for the exterior. Does not have to be Marmot, but pockets are must. I generally do the outside and roof and then strap on the tool belt for the rest of the fun. The tool belt can get in the way outside and on the ladder at times. Just how I have evolved.

Carhart or Duluth