Its getting cold...Jacket recommendations

Hey guys, I’m looking for some recommendations for good quality jackets.
Ones that are good for being outside in the snow and cold rains. I would like a hood also. Snag proof would be great. If you don’t mind including a link to where you buy yours that would be great.

Walmart carriy them as well as most “work clothing” stores

I bought a Dewalt heated jacket last winter and am very happy with it. With multiple heat settings, it covers a wide range of temperatures. It worked well even in sub-zero weather.
It is not bulky so it doesn’t hinder mobility. It also looks pretty snazzy.


And remember, I buy coats for kids this time of year. If you know of any needy children who don’t have a coat, get me their info.

Duluth Trading Company. Lots to choose from. They make other really great work clothes as well. They are not inexpensive though.

When are they gonna make an cooling jacket :mrgreen:

Yep Carhartt for over 30 years. But I won’t buy anything at Wallyworld.

Second the Dewalt heated jacket, you can even snake your usb cable through the jacket into the battery pocket to charge your phone. Been using it for 2 years now with zero issues.
This is my personal jacket and it is wonderful. It comes in a wide variety of sizes and it fits perfectly for the tall guy with long arms.
It also looks really snazzy with my logo on it :smiley:

I order all of my work clothes from Duluth. They are the best and they stand up to everything I throw at them (except when my wife spilled bleach on my lat pair of paints).

Just got Gore-tex Jacket from amazon , Its amazing . Just try it out at

Carhart … 2 winter weights (lighter and heavy duty).