getting colder out, any suggestions on a light, durable, warm jacket?

Last winter work coat is pretty beat, thinking about something less bulky, all this new age material has to be lighter but still warm. Any luck out there with something nice? Figured I’d ask.

Duluth Trading Company has awesome stuff

I use Under Armor Cold Gear

In Winter I dress in layers and adjust as needed.

I wear water shedding under armor therefore I do not need as big of an exterior coat. I also use a helmet liner and ski goggles on the blizzard days.

I was an avid cyclist and the clothes I still use for inspecting. I used to ride when it was cold as long as no snow.

Long underwear bottoms and a down vest ,
just wear a regular Coat unless to is severe weather then add a down coat.
To warm take of the vest.

Of course a good hat with ear coverings inside if needed .
gloves depends .

Lucky Ducks, I would kill to need a jacket :slight_smile:


We had our frost last night 31°F .
Rain today 50°F

This is what you wear?

I agree with Mike…layer.

Paradise :slight_smile:

In the winter I’ll wear a long sleeve shirt.

Gets pretty cold here with a good mix of precipitation. Sometimes it’s in the low teens in the mornings and high 40’s in the afternoon so layering is key. I go with a long sleeve breathable shirt, fleece jacket or vest and then a water /wind proof insulated jacket. As far as pants go, I buy Blackhawk tactical pants that can accommodate built in knee pads.

I ordered a jacket from Logoup. 72-MX Two Tone Shell Jacket. Good top layer light and warm. Cant beat 27$ with logo.

Things I no longer own. Heavy winter jacket, snow shovel, tire chains/snow tires.

Winter gets old, but we have a full four seasons. Pretty sure that I would miss fall if I lived down south.

And I agree with Mike and Chris :smiley:

If you like this site:

20% off site-wide for about 24 more hours. :slight_smile:

I want to follow my father-in-law’s suggestion. Tie a snow shovel to the front of my truck and drive south until someone asks me what it is.

There you shovel snow for many months. Here we cut grass for 8-10 months.
I hate doing both.