Looking for septic / leechfield inspections

In Amherst maine, contact info Dennis Goudreau

Dennis, you might want to delete the second link in your signature.
I had a recommendation but threw away his business cards away just a couple of weeks ago. Just call the town office for a reference.
Did you find a place and pending the septic system inspection?

Dennis, I found it.
His name is Jerald C. Smith
Cell: 207-416-3833
Does an excellent job.

Thanks Marcel

Nice to hear from you Dennis. :smile:

And Marcel is right about the deletion of the InterNACHI Awards link.

Thanks and don’t be a stranger.

Hey Larry
Hope all this is well, I tried but can’t take the link off

Things are looking up after beating cancer and I’m getting stronger.

Thanks for asking.

I hope you and yours are doing super, Dennis!

You might try asking about link removal at fastreply@InterNACHI.org