Looking for some advice

Hi everyone I’m new here and I was looking for advice on getting started as a home inspector.

In high school I took half of a home inspection course for extra credit I ( I just graduated so this wasn’t 20 years ago or anything) and I really enjoyed it my dad is in construction so I know the basics of that. so far though I’ve been talking about starting my own business with my uncle.

What I’ve found so far is that in Michigan you don’t need and can’t get any licensing through the state and that there isn’t really any requirements for becoming a home inspector. So I’m thinking I would finish the course I took in high school because I can transfer my credits toward the course and get a discount on the price that should only take a month. I know some realtors and could get referrals from them I only need to work part time and don’t plan on needing to do more than 8 jobs a week which shouldn’t be to hard since I know guys that do 20+ jobs a week.

What I want to know is what you recommend for getting started? Any tips or ideas? Thanks for the help


Hi Caleb,

I wouldn’t be too sure about 8 jobs a week being “easy” to attain!
There are plenty of inspectors who achieve that only occasionally in a week.

The inspectors who are doing lots of inspections are seasoned veterans who have put in a tremendous amount of effort to get where they are.

It really helps that you already know agents but you need a lot of agent contacts to really make a living.

I’m sure there will be others along with more thoughts but you might want to be a bit more realistic about how things might go!

My 2 cents.


8 home inspections a week is hardly part time. That is if you know what you’re doing.


Setting expectations is not just for your clients, but yourself as well. I think you need to begin there. It seems you have been talking with the wrong people (aka… people NOT in the know).

Btw… there are typically two types of agents…

  1. The type that want the best for and will protect their clients anyway they can, so will only recommend the most seasoned and experienced inspectors…

  2. The type that are only in it for the $$, and will only recommend newbie, inexperienced inspectors that get thrown under the buss as the first hint of trouble (lawsuit)…

Which category does your realtors friends fall into???

Sounds like you are approaching this a bit miminalistic. Don’t look a the easy schooling and the minimums that you need to do this. The education you need for this career is never ending. You can’t just take a course, hang up your shingle and take off. It’s great to set your sights as high as you have, though it is not realistic. Get the education you need to perform a high quality inspection.
Think about the world of construction. There are contractors that use the building codes as the maximum that they will do, and contractors that use the codes as a starting point and go above and beyond that. There are agents out there that prefer the less thorough, “production line” inspectors that are just in it for the quick buck. If you desire to work with those realtors and perform inspections that way, I would say where you need to start is with a major amount of insurance and a great lawyer.
I have agents that were, and still are, friends before I started this adventure. While some are genuine and sincere about caring for the clients, some prefer an inspector that is less thorough. Needless to say, I do not receive much business from them. Sobeit. I will take the lesser of two evils. Fewer inspections, thorough inspections, knowing I have given a buyer all they need to know and sleeping at night without concern that one is going to bite me in the butt.
Good luck


find an inspector looking for a helper and be his helper for a couple years and you might stand a chance of success

If you were to spend some time working as either a carpenter’s helper or apprentice, or a laborer in residential construction you will see homes built from start to finish, see renos, meet all the sub trades (electricians plumbers HVAC roofers etc. etc.) ask lots of questions, take Home Inspection courses, you will have a tremendous background for being a home inspector.
Given that you are about 20 years old (?) you will need lots of ammunition to overcome the perceived credibility of a guy your age doing home inspections.

8 inspections a week, i’d call you full-time lol.