Looking for some IR pictures

Specifically of areas around upper portion of windows where exterior flashing may have been missing and there was water intrusion. Inside IR / regular pictures of same area.

Any examples of Hardiplank where upper flashing was missing or caulked and
there is a moisture issue.

Having an interesting debate with a large siding installer in this area. Seems they like to install the Z flashing on top of the moisture barrier and then caulk the siding/flashing junction.

Thanks, Steve


Get them to read the JLC Guide to Moisture Control. It clearly spells out the need for flashing behind the paper AND the need to minimize caulking since it “can trap as much water as it keeps out”. What can he possibly be referring to for support of his negligence?

Oh no Jim, didn’t you hear. Fiber cement siding is completely waterproof. And since no water can get through the siding, it doesn’t matter where the flashing goes… :roll:

I especially like the window nailed directly on the OSB. Can’t wait to see how they flash and seal this one. And it is on the heavy weather side of the house.

That is a great book.

If I were you I’d try to make periodic visits with my camera and thermal imager just to document the deterioration…and then publish an article on it, beginning with the contractor’s arguments in favor of it.

That’s the idea of the week.

Smile, offer your parting concession. Begin driving by monthly

Publish. Genius.

James is 100% on the money! About 6 mos ago my neighbor complained about eyes watering, coughing, etc, get it? Mold, and alot of it. We are in SW FL so it does not take too long for mold to start growing and the exterior framing members to start rotting. I offered to help, broke out the IR camera and went through the house. What a mess. The Hardiplank was fine but the sheating was destroyed. He had to take out and re do the entire South wall of his house. I will try to find the images for you but they were on the cmptr that crashed, cannot promise anything. Keep taking images on a regular basis it will show alot and could be a great addition to your website. A time lapse IR survey, exceptional!

I’ve got tons of pictures I’d be glad to give you but I don’t recall any being from the Lintel/Overheard Area

Window well Moisture finished.jpg

Infrared Window Inspection Leak1.jpg

Infrared Window Inspection Leak2.jpg