Stucco / window without flashing

I’m personally trying to avoid being between 2 arguing parties, but I was requested to check that as a personal favor:

Recently installed bay window on external wall covered with aggregate. Bad inside leak on top of the window. The owner allowed me to cut part of the caulking in order to check the existence of flashing. I was able to easily penetrate till the interior ( the drywall was cut open).

The installer puts the blame on the leaks in the aggregate cover. No mention of missing flashing.

I’m writing in the report, that I wasn’t able to confirm the presence of Z-head flashing.


I’m expecting an unpleasant call from angry quebec contractor tomorrow.

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Pull the window manufacturer’s installation standard and put it in front of the client and contractor. That should remove any debate over whether the installation is OK or not.


Excellent advice, as usual from Chuck Evans… :smile:

Reference the ASTM 2112 for the installation and either ASTM 2128 or E1105 for the leaking…