Looks like Dee got us exclusive NACHI discount on E&O in Canada.

We’re putting together the press releases now.

Thanks Deanna!


Great Work Deanna!!now Lets Hope The Rates Are Good.


These are the best rates and only for NACHI members. I am playing the #s game right now we should have it all worked out by the end of the week and then I will anounce it.

It just never ends How does NACHI keep coming up with so many good things .
It must be those Damed Everready Batteries they just
keep going
and going
and going.
You Got to love NACHI .
I Know I sure do have from day one and will I expect till the day I die .
I got My ( Enviromental Concerns ) Books yesterday ( Thanks NACHI ) ( and you too NICK) .
I expect I will give out about 100± at the Farm show tomorrow will keep you posted .
Roy Cooke

I guess putting a bug in Dee’s ear works.