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Good evening America’s finest,
It appears I need to take a look at offering radon testing though I hoped to avoid that, I’m losing business for that. Though I plan to take the internachi radon course, and just read nicks ‘need mitigation flow chart’ which included various scarey symbols and greek lingo…I’m still hoping this will more or less amount to having an instrument with a guage which when the needle enters the ‘too much…tell your client to mitigate’ area and at the end of the home inspection you can pass along that info. im such an optimistic guy but hey why not…after all most cars have a guage or light which simply tells you your oil is too low…better do something about it right now (mine doesnt say that per se i mean its implied). so i can hope…and ask for all the ways im wrong…and others opinions about the simplicity or complexity of offering radon testing.
input appreciated by
mike in MN

Good luck lets hope it makes you a little more money… All the best … Roy

Check your state requirements on testing and licensing.

Unless you’re allergic to money, why wouldn’t you want to do this?

Radon is simple. Go make some money.

Easy money. I don’t push it and I’ve never tested my own house but if someone wants a test done, why wouldn’t I take their money? I have a guy that does the setting and picking up for. 20 each when it doesn’t coordinate with the inspection time . I spend less then 5 minutes on each one and make 60$ on each test. I did over 200 tests last year

Sub it out. We encourage testing and make $75 per radon test. It only takes one phone call to schedule it.

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I bought a used Alpha 2 continuous monitor, for bad neighborhoods I use charcoal canisters. I get asked to test most inspections.

Took the Internachi course and test.

what excellent input as usual from the nachi gang.

now that im feeling encouraged im wondering (aside from the fact that i will be checking out all the links and resources given in this thread)…
**I havent checked close but I thought ‘cans’ required some time to send in and recieve the results back which sounds like more time than i get in most contingency situations which are 4-7 days for me.

**For those who have done it…do you consider the internachi radon testing course to be sufficient to get into offering the service?
all input appreciated by…
mike in MN, the land of eternal winter

I do but Ohio doesn’t. Find out what your state requires.

The county I live in published an article today concerning Radon. They recommend every home to be tested and how easy it is to do. That the occupants can do the test themselves for as little as $5.00, and have results in 3 days, from start to finish. They gave locations in the county where you can by “everything you need” for $5.00, this includes self addressed stamped envelope.

That’s the way it is here. Many of my clients bring a Hardware Store purchased Radon kit and place them in the home during or after the inspection. The state makes you get Radon Licensing for about $400. It just wouldn’t be worth it to me, but it may for some. Some of my inspections are 45 miles away, and it’s not worth the time, gas, or effort to drive back and pick up the cannisters.

You have to be licensed here in Illinois too. One reason I was surprised to see a front page article from our county health department telling everyone to test their homes and how cheap it was, even providing everything you need for $5.00. Average fee around here is $125, when performed by a licensed pro. I’m sure many of the pros will be/are a little upset about the article.

Two trips for that is basically calling for you to have volume enough to create a route.

That’s why I don’t do it and sub it out at cost. I don’t up-charge. Most, if not all, of the guys that I know who offer it hate it. They do it for one reason only to get RE referrals.

as often occurs - responses must be due to subjective experience and situation. sighhh…i just want the simple solutions. (in reality i know thats a joke but i can want…) so we have a range from ‘its easy moola, jump on it…to "pain in the rear, not worth it,’
so it seems i must make some move since i know its costimg me business, apparently there’s a developing ‘radon awareness’ fad in this area.

I have found equipment price ranges from 2-3 hundred bucks to 2500 for a testing system. What quality level of radon testing apparatus does it take to be able to offer this service? Is the 'off the Menards shelf radon test cannister" sufficient, or is that just a test which says ‘theres radon gas around here but who knows how much?’ These are wildly vague questions but I’m casting my line in unknown waters and have to inquire of the experienced.

I’m getting diverse feedback due of course to subjective experience and varied situations. There is the extra drive time and miles issue since apparently the shortest acceptable test time is 48 hours. But there are those saying easy money…go for it. Subbing it out doesnt seem feasible since realtors are telling me ‘they want someone that does it all.’ and i suppose they can already call someone else themselves and want to get away from that. Are there any other successful strategies anyone has come up with?..for instance having test apparatus on hand (probably an economical approach like cannisters) and just offering the service of setting up the test and its up to the buyer or realtor to come back, collect, and send it off to the lab? seems like if this is to be a lucrative service one must have a route as mr. elliot suggested. any more ideas of what works?..and makes $$? or what boat am i missing here?
mike in MN
the land of eternal winter

With the cost of equipment extra trips and shipping expenses it is tough to do well with Radon.

I limit my Radon testing to within about 20 miles of base.

If I can’t clear $100 after expenses I would rather not do them.

If someone wants to pay enough for ones farther away I will do it but that option is seldom selected.

You may find other strategies that work for you and your locale.

I bought a usd radon monitor for $500, I charge $150. Trip one is a given as I am already there. Going back is a hassle and I can make better money doing draw inspections. I offer radon testing because if they ask you better offer the service or your competition will.

We have a guy here who does just the testing for $85.00, what an idiot. I could understand $125 but why cut your price by 40%?

On is the Internachi course good, yes it is. You pass the test and like everything else in life you pick up useful experience.
No regrets on doing radon but it isn’t a money maker in my opinion.

I do offer radon tests at 135 per or more if a drive.
Did a standalone for 175 the other day cuz it was a hike.

I use sun nuclear 1027s.

I live in a densely populated area so most of the pickups are not to far.
I don’t make a pile of money on them but I like offering clients the service as I do care about their welfare.
If I ever got so busy I couldn’t handle them I would sub them out.