Radon testing solutions

I’m just getting my home inspection business up and running in Maryland. Without leasing equipment, what is the simplest, cheapest way to begin offering radon testing? Simple Home Depot kit? I recall hearing that some labs will provide you with testing cans in return for using their lab but I’ve yet to find one. Any advice?

I haven’t started to offer radon testing yet but working on getting certified in it and for me at least don’t be cheap on it, I will be leasing until I can afford the equipment.

I wouldn’t even lease anything until I jumped in and found out what your market for Radon testing is. If you only sell 3 tests a month, is your ROI worth it? I think not! Start with charcoal canisters and build up from there if the business supports it.

AirChek Inc. out of NC. They are great. Kits include lab fees.

The problem with the test kits from Home Depot is that they take so long to process. 2-4 days for the kit in place, then you have to send it off to the lab. Even if you spend the extra money for rush work it can take a week.
Often times thats too long for a home sale transaction.

I use a 1027 monitor from Sun Nuclear


Air-Chek only way to go. 11 years, and never an issue.

Yep. They are great.

RTCA, 20 bucks for double canister kits with prepaid shipping labels. I used them for about 3 yrs before switching to Radelec Eperms

In 2013 they altered the inspection clause, specifically the time for response and it went from 14 to down 10 days, I’m using the canisters, but will soon be switching to the machine this year. I lost about 6 inspections because of the delayed radon results. the extra day or two can make a difference.

Mike or anybody for that matter. What do you say or do when you get a inspection request for the next day because of short timeline and they also want a radon test? Obviously you can perform the inspection of the home but the radon will take several days at the earliest but timeline is short?

Also would you do the radon test before inspection or vice versa

Give Jason a Radalink a call

I have placed the canisters 48 hours before the inspection appointment, and pick them up on inspection day, but that’s not the norm.

I have also had REA’s/clients respond to the inspection, “pending radon results” which may exceed the 10 day window.

I have lost jobs because of the added time beyond 48 hours though.

“Charge accordingly” as Radon testing is not a lucrative wealth builder anyway. Don’t make it “canisters are cheaper”… it is really “CRM’s are more expensive”… ie… Canister = $99… CRM = $150! Let the money talk. There is always a market for both as both have the same accuracy.

I agree, I’ll have both available

I’m working on getting my cert in radon and notice most of the inspector guys around here offer it but have always wonder about the time frame compared to how long it takes. Seems lately most of my calls for inspections are needed within a couple days so don’t see how there is enough time to do the radon test if they wanted one. Maybe I’m simply overthinking it though

First, Radon is NOT part of a home inspection, it is an ancillary service.

Secondly, some states require it to be in the Purchase Agreement. In Minnesota, (at least up to Dec. 31, 2013 it was… not sure now with the new law in place) it is required for the request for Radon Testing to be made in the P.A. It may be rejected by the seller as part of negotiating for the purchase. Radon testing is a REQUEST and NOT a REQUIREMENT. A buyer is not automatically entitled to one just because they want to buy the home.

Check locally. You would be surprised what the local laws are for stuff like this.

Minnesota’s New Radon Disclosure law


**Reads that it must be disclosed that testing has been done or that it has not.
It also has to be disclosed whether or not mitigation was installed if any testing was above the EPA level.

As referenced in my post above: http://www.house.leg.state.mn.us/hinfo/sessiondaily.asp?storyid=3795