Looks like OIR is going to use InterNACHI's Wind Mit course for something...

You would think someone would have helped me out by now. :cry:

I guess no one is in a giving mood this weekend.

Maybe my luck will change tomorrow. It is finally time to find out if I win my free kitchen makeover. :mrgreen:

I did some NACHI navigating, found the course, took it, passed exam.
Excellent work Nick. NACHI rules.

I would prefer it to be ordered by city that way the agents can more easily find someone who is near them. They don’t care is Ally Adams is first and located in Miami when they are in Tampa.

We will not be getting calls from this list. I believe It will just be for the underwriters to verify that Regular Home Inspectors have passed the qualifications needed to do the job.

I believe that is the purpose as well. State Licensed Home Inspectors that have taken this course (if approved) will be allowed to conduct wind mit inspections. Bill York already has his Inspector List posted on his web site, and I believe his course will be approved the same time that InterNACHI’s is. I don’t know of any other classes, but I’m sure the State will approve others as they get submitted. Probably will be very lucrative for a few.

Sorry to hear that you did not get your kitchen, was it close?

The law says nothing about “approved” course. It says a course.

I can’t argue with that. However, does this also mean that you just have to take a course, not pass it , just take it — They didn’t specifically address that issue, but I would think that it would be implied. My point is that there must be some grounds for measuring acceptability, otherwise one could say that they have taken some non existent bogus course an claim that they have fulfilled the requirement. Certainly the continuing education courses for Home Inspectors will need to be approved — I think that they didn’t quite address all the fine points that they should have with the new Legislature – It must be an oversight. I know that Bill York is waiting for his class to be accepted as a “continuing ed” class. He eluded to the implication that his course was being reviewed for acceptance by the OIR for the “additional training” necessary for HI to do wind mits. But you are correct — they just said a course-----another grey area

I am not sure how close. I had over 250 votes but that was not enough. They never gave out the total numbers. Thanks to all who have helped.

Once the Insurance company’s and underwriters realize how outdated this course is there may be problems with them accepting it. I dont know why Nick is dragging his feet in getting this couse updated.

Can’t imagine OIR being that on top of things. Remember, that for them to critique the course, they would have to know what they are talking about in the first place.

The list should be done by town or county, just like find an inspector…

The list is NOT for people to find inspectors in their area. it will only be used by insurance folks to verify that you are qualified. it would be difficult for the insurance people any way other than alphabetically.


It’s just that you are so cutting edge you don’t realize how far you are out in front of the run-of-the-mill wind mitigation inspector you are. Hopefully Nick will update the course soon so that others may catch up too.

Thanks Nick. Keep up the good work!