InterNACHI's free, online Wind Mitigation course has been upgraded.

Wind Mitigation Inspection course.

Many thanks to John Shishilla and other experts for their input.

Quizzes and final exam updated.

Landing page updated:

You’ll have to do it again when the new form comes out, it never ends!

Take the class :wink:

I have, and I will every time it’s changed. I know you agree, we all need to keep up to do it right.

How about this. Why don’t we have the guru’s of wind mit, John, Greg, Russell et al work with Nick to create a standardized form including definitions eg a strap requires 3 nails total or 3 on one side and one on the other or whatever, create a OIR approved manual. Define all the questions step by step with real definitive answers and eliminate all the wiggle room or areas of interpretation. Basically PUT IT IN CONCRETE. Nick has the credence with OIR, all the approved courses, and you guys have the experience. Offer all this work to Florida no charge and I am sure the beauracrats will jump all over it. They get to pass legislation based on others work that looks good for them. I will help in whatever way I can.
INACHI has a multitude of courses already approved by Florida (credence) and we have some extremely talented fellows who do this work on a very high, professional level (experience). I think we spoke of this at the meeting in Sarasota.
As we would say in the Bronx, “whadda ya tink?”

Well we’re half way there according to Nick, John and the other wind mit Gurus did work on the updated course.

There is a cheat sheet in the course