OK, wind mit decision step #2 poll

Now that I can see where the FIRST poll is heading. Now that the majority wants ONLY the license holder to perform the wind mitigation inspections we can take it a step further. He is another poll.

I have a feeling I will be Poll Master here soon enough. But it appears I get more feedback.

Must have either a CGC or HI license

Must pass a proctored test, administered by an independent testing agency and not by an association, contractor school or business like IDepot. Same testing protocol as the CGC or HI license.

Test should be geared to the 1802 and does not include Type II or III mitigations.

I don’t see the reason for a required course. Obviously, if the test is well written and independently administered, you will need to know what you are doing or take training to learn in order to pass the test.

should be some separate list of approved wind mit inspectors where consumers/agents can verify credentials. maybe at the OIR website.

This should apply to all, no grandfathering.

The input is greatly appreciated. Preston told me use polls, smart guy.

How much education do you need…

I took the msf exam, yorks exam, Nachi exam, now you guys want more

You will need to grandfather some of us who have already spent the money and have received the required education.

If you have already met the requirements, then yes, you should be grandfathered in.

The requirements should be 16 hours of education and a test.
Since the online version is good enough for NACHI members, I assume it would be good enough for everyone else.

Perhaps It can be made available as a stand alone course for anyone to take and get a certificate.
There is something to work on Nick! Charge a fee and donate a portion to the Florida inspectors.

I agree,
I have taken Nachi class old and new, Contractors Exam School class, Yorks class and also update to the new form. All have had a test at the end execpt the update class…

Looks like some people want to make money off of proctoring.

Keep the schooling/testing requirements as they are. The licensing requirements and the industry itself should be suffient.

You can train and test all you want.*** This is an evolving industry.*** Yesterdays class will not have what is needed tommorrow. Even if it is the same form.

The individual underwriters are actually in control, not the OIR or course provider.

**If Universal decided that the required pictures of attachments from 4 seperate locations in the attic, seperated by 10’ and identified on a floor plan of the property. **
-Has that been taught?
-Would we need a new course?
-Is that required on the form?

Licensing should be required. Only licensed holders should be able to perform the inspection. Additional training should not be required.

It doesn’t say that on the form so I would tell Universal to read the form and if they want more pictures, feel free to run out there and take them.

I would as well…Or, I will be happy to provide at $$$price.

But, the point of the underwriters being able to interpet the form and stipulate THEIR requirements remains.

I see this daily.

Testing and trianing are important. That’s the reason for the license. Additional testing is redundant and only puts money in the education prviders pocket.

The underwrites and the agents should also be required to take the course.
After all, they are the ones determining who gets what discounts. Shouldn’t they have some knowledge of how the information was obtained?

I would suggest a mass e mail to all insurance agents offering a discounted rate to take the NACHI course.
It would benefit the agent and insurance companies as well as put a few dollars in the NACHI coffers.

Totally Agree.

Agents tell me of the incompetent people some of the underwriters have reviewing our WM. Only a licensed WM provider should be qualified to review and evaluate a WM.


Emailing insurance agents would be a waste of time and energy. The emails should be directed to the OIR and to EVERY single legislator and their aids in the state. The emails should originate from inspectors/business owner/voters in each district of every legislator as a constituent WHO VOTES in their districts.

So more training is not needed?

You can join Nachi and get free training. You can ask questions for free on Nachi. They why do people still do them wrong?

Because many do not do A or B.

Why not both?

I dont think thats the case here in my IMHO.

Good point. Incompetence and unprofessional behavior. Competent professionals know to seek out training and assistance when they need it.

But my position is not against training. My position is that additional training is not required.


From my viewpoint continuous training has been and continues to be needed. They keep changing stuff, for what it’s worth I litterally agree with every comment on every post on this thread. That may seem contradictory but the point is I can see where you all are coming from. Keep the polls coming Russell. I must have taken at least 6 tests on this thing and 10 courses by now. Does that qualify me for anything? Maybe a straightjacket and a rubber room?