Looks like OIR is going to use InterNACHI's Wind Mit course for something...

On Friday, the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation called me and asked me to create a live-time database of everyone who passes our free, online Wind Mitigation course and they informed me that underwriters will be using this list.

We worked all night and built them the system: http://www.nachi.org/certified-wind-mitigation.htm

Make sure your name is on it.


Great job!!!..as always

When and where is NACHI holding Wind Mit classes? Are you offering them online? I have attended 3 all day classes when training for MSFH. Do they count?

No the MSFH does not count for anything anymore. Sorry.

Hey Nick could you list in it chronological order instead of most recently passed?

The way it is those who went the extra mile and took the course first will show up last to those looking for them.

Aphabetically would not be a bad system either.

I think what is going on here in Florida is a model for the nation, keep up the great work.


Nick I JUST finished the course. Could you please add my name? Thanks…I think the list should be alphabatized starting with the first name beginning with Russell and Last names Begining with HENSEL. Thanks for your consideration…:wink:

I am sure nick has better things to do with his time

Well I personally think the way it is done is about the worst way for all those involved. The people at the insurance agencies are going to have to read every name on the list every time they need to check it. The proper way would be alphabetically. My preferred way is the first one who passed it should be the first one on the list for obvious reasons. “it is me” I took it as soon as possible to help insure my customers get the best report possible by taking advantage of any free training I can. :smiley:

I’m sure it was done in a way that satisfied OIR requirements or request. The reason for the “live time database” showing people that have passed the class as a function of date might be so that OIR can simply update their database (which was probably redone in alpha order) on any particular day, knowing that they have already accounted for people through a certain date. If you think about it, it makes sense.

Mike Mike Mike — You want your cake, and you want to eat it too.
How can it be alphabetical with your name being first. I guess it could, but you will have to change your name – maybe Alphonso Abracadabra -lol
I suppose the list could be alphabetical starting with M’s – good luck with that one – I believe some other M would still precede yours. Believe it or not, your name stands out in the list since everyone scrolls to the end.

Thanks Nick & Co…you guys are the best!


I believe you must have misread my post.

Damn - I stand corrected. My sincerest apologies to you and your family.
Hate it when that happens.

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As I said earlier, “I’ll survive”.
It is about time to fire up the burgers for the game.
Have a great weekend. :smiley:

Mike you are so FUNNYYYYY:twisted::freaked-::|.).

As per your great suggestion… we alphabetized it: http://www.nachi.org/certified-wind-mitigation.htm

See there all I knew a man of Nicks intellect would agree and see the sense of it. :smiley:


good job ----- now see if Nick can post that double wrap strap picture for you.

What ever came of that free kitchen contest? Did you get it or come close?
I lost track of the thread.