Loose Shingles

Saw this today from the street, not on inspection. Does not appear to be nailed.:roll:


Think about stepping on them.

But…It said “Self Adhesive” on the wrapper.:frowning:



I see the nails sticking up in the roofing felt. It was likely just wind damaged.

Do not think so, it just appeared I live 2 blocks way.

I see nails. They have torn through the shingles.

I have seen this happen when the nail gun angle was bad and the nail gun pressure to high.

nails observed.

I’ve seen this too. All nails were overdriven and too high…the entire 5 year old roof had to be replaced.

Don’t step on it it may injurious if any problem occurs. If you are not sure how to reach there than don’t try to get there and to arrange it. Call expert inspector which can help you to make it proper.

LOL! Nailed long the very top of the shingle, 2 nails per shingle!