** New Roof in question! Need Advise!

I had a new 30 yr GAF Architectural roof installed. The roof is not done right.

The Shingles have been nailed high above the marked line. The line is the guide for nailing which lets the nail penetrate the laminate of the shingle. Nails are typically about 1” to 1.5” above the line. There is a 16 to 20 inch gap between nails. The nails are overdriven. Also when they cut the ridge on top of the garage the plywood was damaged. Hence no place for nails to go through. Also some missing nails on the ridge cap.

I am looking for some advise.

           Any input is much appreciated.


Arm yourself with a copy of the manufacturer’s installation recommendations (you can download them from the GAF website)and call the contractor who installed the shingles. They need to make it right. Overdriven and improperly-placed fasteners will reduce the wind resistance of the shingle roof, no question.
Placing nails in the adhesive strip will compromise the bond. An adequately-sealed adhesive strip bond is very important to wind resistance. They may be able to hand-seal affected shingles after re-nailing shingles correctly.

Better if they can correct the problems before the adhesive strips bond. If they don’t and the adhesive strips have already bonded, the bonds will have to be broken on all the shingles and all shingles should then be hand-sealed to ensure a good bond.

You should confirm my advice with GAF tech support. I’d e-mail their tech support so that you have their response in writing.

^What he said^

Part of the reasoning for nailing on the line, is so the layer underneath has another set of nails in it. If they are consistently riding high, they are only getting HALF the recommended nailing.

Stop the check!!!


Call the manufacturer. They should have a rep in your area. He will come out and check the installation.

If you can do this, it’s great. the least amount of arguing on your part, the most credibility.

I want to know if the manufacturer really will send a rep.

Mitch, please post if they do!

I agree with Stop the Check!!! If your not satisfied with your contractor then do something about it. If your not sure about the installation methods then have it evaluated by another contractor then take action.

I agree with “stop the check” too. I had assumed it was too late. If it’s not… get all the leverage you can.

If your in CA i can help you with that …but we dont know where your from.

I am in CT. Payment made via Credit card.


You should be able to put a payment hold thru the credit card company. Explain the reasons (probably need to be in writing) to the cc company and see what they tell you !

Good luck,

Just curious…did you go with the cheapest bid…that is where most problems start. :frowning:

Yup, your sure got that right!!!

Not the cheapest guy. Second cheapest guy. Check BBB and the references.
Also the town requires you to pull permit. They do not come by to check the job while its going on or after. Amazing!

Second question…how many of them spoke english?

That is also not uncommon. I actually dont know of ANY jobsites where a re-roof was going on that someone looked at it. ( Authority Having Jurisdiction that is.) Thats after 15 years in the construction trades.