Loose Truss at bottom

Anyone ever find a truss that was not secured at the bottom?
Video: https://youtu.be/p7m9Zo-cM4s

was it fastened at the ends? did You expect it to be fastened to something in the middle ?

Wonder what the ceiling is attached to!!


The only thing it was fastened to was the roof structure.

Well, we really do not have enough information. But as @mcyr stated, the minimum concern is ceiling attachment. Sometimes I see cross bracing which is likely there just to keep it aligned until the ceiling is attached, depends on what the plans call for.

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So, The way I understand it, ceiling strapping is only used in the Northeast? :roll_eyes:


Was it the only one?

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There were 9 trusses in the middle of the attic that I walked on. All were securely fastened but this one. The board at the bottom of the truss appears to have been added later. I also observed 2x4’s nailed to other trusses at random and they appear to serve no purpose.

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That’s strange to have that much free movement, almost like there is no end bearing. With that issue along with the other modifications you saw I would recommend further evaluation by a SE.

I told them as the very least to have a qualified contractor to take a look at it and possibly an engineer if he feels it necessary. I have been in a lot of attics in the last 15 years and this was a first for me.

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I was laid off in 2010 with the same contractor after 40 years of service, so there is a First for anything. LOL


Assuming that truss is located directly over a non-load bearing wall… suspect someone forgot something!!

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Think truss uplift.
CD truss uplift

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Morning, Kenneth.
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Actually I have run across this situation before.
It was a structural inspection were I was retained by a client that resided in the Laurentians region of Quebec. He left the home due to loud banging from the attic. It scared the couple out of the home all winter. I entered the premises in the spring.

Background. The home had been modified prior them purchasing the residence. The roof made stepper. New trusses were installed atop the original trusses and sheathing. Several Bottom roof truss chords were not fastened to the sheathing below. Several lower chords moved just as yours did. I will try to find the report.

In the original roof, the insulation was left in place. There were openings in the original roof sheathing to enter the new attic space. Besides the insulation in the original roof space the contractor insulated the new roof space atop the original roof sheathing. Several loose bottom roof truss chords were buried in blown in rockwool insulation. The blankets were not even as you could imagine. Roof trusses would expand and contract making loud banging noises as the rubbed on the original roof sheathing.

I calculated the cause of the ceiling cracks was truss uplift due to how the builder constructed and insulated the new attic and roof deck. An structural engineer was called in to verify my findings by the vender. He concurred with my report.

Sorry for the long post.
Hope that helps.

You have been saying that for years and never happened.
You are so full of it, it’s pathetic, I can smell it from across the border.
Why don’t you try posting something of educational value for new members for a change and stop telling stories from your imagination.


With all due respect, I said try when I have the time.
I would expect, as did Roy Cooke Senior, for committee members to act with professional decorum.

I posted an illustration from Carson Dunlop pertaining to truss uplift while you post a question without substance. :thinking:
In your second post, you explain about being laid off in 2010 after 40 years with the same contractor.
Marcel. 2010 was when I started my inspection company. Sure I made mistakes along the way but in those short 11 years I have received awards and other accolades from various bodies, groups including journalist articles. How did your inspection company fair, Marcel considering all the background and organization insight? :thinking:

Keep well, Marcel.
Robert Young