Attic Question

I did an inspection yesterday and while in the attic my client spotted and asked me what this was. I have personally never seen this before but told him I would find out. So do any of you know what this bar is with the rope attached?


attachment device for fall protection harness equipment that the installers wear due to steep slope

Thanks Barry, That was my guess but wanted to verify.


Probably like the Stainless Steel loop I saw on the outside of the roof,
and remarked to myself, what was that for?

and then found this inside the attic as well…
My thought was for a roofing safety tie off…

A few years ago, saw an attic where near the peak there were two 4-5" holes bashed into the OSB sheathing on both sides of the top truss chord…had been the homeowners location to attach his fall arrest gear as he re-did his own roof.

As Home Inspectors we will start seeing more fall protection devices on residential construction attached to the structure. OSHA has issued a new directive in December 2010 giving residential contractors 6 months to comply with fall protection safety requirements. Too many deaths and injuries from falls. Enforcement will start sometime in June 2011. compliance guidance for residential construction.

If it was above the location of the bed in the master suite I might have had a different idea but I think you guys nailed it.

Fall Protection (OSHA Required)
Most builders leave this behind
to much trouble and expense to remove apparatus