Loss Control Surveys?

I got a call today from a guy in Clover, SC (Richland Insurance Services, Inc.)
who asked me if I would be interested in performing loss control surveys for his company. I don’t know what they are and what liability I would expose myself to if I were to perform these surveys. If anyone is interested, I have detailed documents from Mike M. which outline the entire process (fees, survey questions, etc.) and would be happy to email them to anyone who is interested in ascertaining whether this is worth pursuing. An excerpt from his email is below.

From Mike M.
As I indicated, these are Loss Control Surveys, not Inspections. They take about a 1/2 hour to complete and are for business clients versus individual homes. We need a turn around time frame within two weeks from date assigned to the Surveyor to receiving the completed survey back to RISI. You are not warranting anything, as the information you obtain is only as good as what the insured provides to you or what you observe while at the location and either write into your report or provide via photo(s). I have a client company who is starting to provide me with assignments in your geographic area and I need to identify someone to handle their requests.

give Matt in Summerville a call 843-864-6811. I think he told me that he is performing them. :slight_smile:

Thanks Raymond!