Mueller Services

Any one hear of them…They called me today asking if I was interested in performing some insurance inspections for them…No details I told him I would call him in the morning to get details.

If anyone one has any info to share that would be great.

Thanks ahead of time.

They do inspections for insurance companies. exteriors require a quick look for hazards and conditions,photos and sketch of the property. they also do interior (ex plus mechanical systems)and high value. Pay is low, but inspections can be very quick. 5-10 minutes for ext and 45 for hi value.
Pay usually is about 20.00 for exterior, 40.00 to 50.00 for int/ex and 80-100 for high value. You get more for rural areas and if they want you to travel further.
They are difficult to make money on unless you get alot in your area. They can also be a huge pain to sketch. I can do 20-30 of these a day in a city or suburban area.

try a google for insurance field reps for more info. or
or pm,email or call me.

Pay scale seems awful low.

Jamie - if you are doing so many of these, when do you have time to do home inspections.

Thanks Jamie,

I am way to busy with regular inspections to take on something like this…I have had to let my draw inspections go as well. I may talk to hime still find out the details, with the intention of turning it down.


Mike, don’t waste your time, way to much work required for the $$$, I worked for Mueller in Wyoming & Colorado & it took 2-3 hours to do a High Value on site not to mention the driving out West here & then you had another 2 or 3 hrs. computer time at home. Some of the High Values were military & 14 pages of checklist/narrative reports. Then they expect you to be able to read their minds-their field printout/check sheet to do your inspection with didn’t match the website info they require, they had me driving all over wyoming & colorado last year & the pay was just barely enough to make it worthwhile, but this year they aren’t willing to even pay as much as they were last year. I went round & round with them last month & stuck to my guns on holding out for a little bit more money & wouldn’t ya know it, I haven’t heard from them almost daily/weekly like before. Imagine that. They are just like all the rest overwork & under pay…BTW Mike, I was born & raised out in Rosedale & went to BHS…

Jamie, believe it or not I actually did an Interior/Exterior in Oak Creek last winter & a $4 million HV in Steamboat on my way there, I must’ve been awful desperate when regular inspections were slow…

I dont get that many around here on a regular basis. But I end up traveling to other states when needed. Around here, I do work for 5 or 6 companies like this one that maybe each have 2-5 a month. They give you 10-21 days to complete, so I just stack em up and go when I have something else in the area or enough to make it worth my while. I also charge them quite a bit more for traveling.:slight_smile:
So home inspections and thermal imaging come first, anything else I just schedule around them.