Insurance company inspections

Got an email from Richland Insurance Services about a couple insurance inspections in the area that they wanted me to look at. Anyone have any experience w/ this company, or insurance inspections in general? Or if you can think of some good questions to ask too, that’d be appreciated! Thanks!

“These inspections are not as in depth as home inspections and take approximately 40 minutes to complete. The inspection would be due back to us within 3 weeks. We provide a contact person to set up the appointment and also that person should be able to provide you with the information requested in our report. We need a visual inspection, interior and exterior photos and no equipment testing is required.”

Use their checklist, I asked about that already too. I’m looking to see if anyone’s heard of them/worked with them.

Casey, I have not heard of them. But I have done insurance inspections, and most of the time, you use their form, take a few pictures and you are on your way. Most don’t want to pay real well, but it is good filler work, and if there are several in a n area, may be worth it. All in all, nice jobs genrally, but fee may be a little low.

Casey… I Guess they didn’t like that I told them I wanted more $$$

That’s funny Jeff.

Casey is only about an hour East of me. Our service areas overlap.

Well, actually, I cover the entire state. I’ll go anywhere for the right $$$

Ha ha Jeff…:wink: It’s a good thing we overlap I think…gives the southern part of MN a much better chance of getting a good inspection! :slight_smile:

Works for me. I do not see you as a threat for that reason. At least the clients are getting what they pay for. In this land of NAHI & ASHI, I’ll take the NACHI support. At least now I can eventually take a vacation, and have someone competant to refer to.

Same here, I’ll travel to International Falls for the right price…and haul my fishing gear for the way back! :slight_smile:
Not a threat eh…lol…you’re just over here stealing all my business, aren’t you!!! :wink: Just kidding, I appreciate that you would refer business to me…I’ll make sure you’re the only other guy I refer.

Exactly… go for business… play on the way home. Have laptop, will travel! :smiley:

Not much business to steal this time of year. :frowning:

No problemo. Even though I haven’t personally seen your work, your integrity shines through. I figure that between you (to the East of me), Mike L. (East of the cities), and Tad P. (West of the cities), I have at least half of the state covered if I need to refer. Good feeling knowing there are others to refer to, that will protect my clients as I do. :slight_smile:

Hey Casey. I was contacted by the same company. One office out of AZ and the other out OH. Been doing several for both offices this past month. Apt bldgs and restaurants. One was a soul food place. Any problems with payment yet?

I just started doing a few inspections for them but not sure about driving to clear lake for $80 even if the inspection takes 30 minutes. 4 hours of driving to get there and back.
I have done a few for other compnies and they want to pay you $25-$35 which is worth it if it is in town.

Ya that’d be quite a hike for you. I wouldn’t go either

I would check with your E & O carrier before doing those types of inspections.


I actually never heard back from them! Maybe that should tell me something…lol…

I’m still waiting for payment on a 6/16 invoice to Richland Ins. I have a couple from July that I’m beginning to worry about as well.