LOST an inspection today

Business is finally picking up here in New Mexico, but I had a client back out today. First of all we got to the job and water was not turned on so I loaned the selling agent a wrench to turn it on :twisted: :twisted: the client said she wanted to walk around the neighborhood to get a feel for it (she is from out of state) about ten minuites later she came into the house to inform me she was backing out of the sale, seems the neighbors told her there is major gang activity in this neighborhood.well long story short the area is kinda questionable,but it’s not my call. She called the agent to pick her up and paid me 50 dollars for showing up. I told her to call me if she finds another place and also told her I offer a service on my website where I can be her eyes and ears if she starts up another long distance sale. aparently this sale was conducted totally on the internet, she flew in last night to meet me. This shopping on the internet is becoming a whole new aspect in home buying.:shock:

At least you got paid a trip charge, and the opportunity for future business. All was not lost.

Yep. Be glad you got $50. This has happened to me a few times, and I did not get a dime. Sometimes, things work out for the best anyway.

Not much more you can do, she will probably be back before April, end of credit.

I’ve actually done this for a few out of town folks. I will take street shots, do a quick walk around of the property and take a few pics, if it’s waterfront I’ll take some shots of the beach and such. But I’ve never thought of actually offering it on my website as a pay service…interesting, I think I’m going to give this some series consideration as I see a lot of out of towners buying cottages.

I did one last year where the people did not even show for inspection, they bought, had me inspect, closed and then moved here from Calif. Totally sight unseen except for the pictures. I could not believe it but I guess it does happen. Glad you got $50. Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick

My contract states cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will be billed in full.

I’ll have to think of how I might handle this if it ever occurs to me. Had I driven more than 30 minutes, $50 would not have been satisfactory.

Their failure to be diligent in checking out a property shouldn’t mean that the HI gets the shaft.

I am lucky if I get 24 hrs notice they even want an Inspection.

I haven’t lost an inspection because of the neighborhood. Could happen to anyone. The few I have lost were because the buyer was told they could use the last inspection from the previous contract…Really?

Me too. The buyer was in Mexico buying the house via Email. The agent opened the door and came back when I called her that I was done.