Lots of inspectors joined NACHI in the past 60 days.


Hi Nick,
Have we reached the 10,000 member cap yet?

Remember. It’s only 10k US members. :wink:

I may be getting old and sometimes I forget:shock: ,but…sometimes I forget…oh well…maybe I’ll remember tomorrow;-)


No it is to be North American members at 10K and remember they are doing dead wood big time .

Roy Cooke

Sorry, that’s what I meant.

Frank, yes we hit 10,000 twice last week so I have everyone working on the Deadwood project to find me more member slots. They found me about 150 or about 2 weeks worth of new applications.

Wendy, you are incorrect. The cap has never been 10,000 U.S. members. It has always been 10,000 N. American members (basically U.S., Canada, and some islands): http://www.nachi.org/nachi_north_america.htm