NACHI membership in N. America tops 9,700 today. Only 296 memberships left.

Hey Nick can I buy the remaining shares of memberships at a disounted price this way I will have the majority shares in NACHI and can sell my shares for as much as I see fit.
Capitalism at it’s finest! NACHI home of Capitalism. GO BEARS!

Yes, you may.

9,750. Only 250 membership slots left.

What price will you sell the discounted memberships at?

We would have more openings if more than one person would work on the “deadwood” project". My wife is looking for work, send her $5k and she will help out…

Staff will soon be under more pressure to find us open membership slots and they’ve begun deleting a lot more Deadwood.


Did I see you in Phoenix?

No, what was it?


I never thought for a minute that we would reach 10,000 members before our convention. But the stats are quickly proving me wrong.[great news]

I think I have a friendly bet with Deanna about this she agrees with you that we will have 10K members before convention and I said No. Guess what I think I lost the bet. Or I will soon.