NACHI membership in North America tops 9,200 today.

NACHI PLANET>>> :cool:



Hay Nick,

Is there a way you could have a third column added to the NACHI Statistics page???

One that gives the number of NACHI Home Inspectors per square mile in each state…

I would love to also be able to zoom in on the map to see the concentration better. Or see a map of NACHI Member concentration by state.

9,350, and this despite the Deadwood Project deleting another 100+ members recently.

Jason, type any zipcode into and it will reveal all the members in that zip and the distance other members are from that zip.


I wonder how long until we hit 10,000 :shock:

I think we deleted almost 200 this last project deadwood. Everytime we came across a non working member I would get another call for a new membership (not including faxed & online apps). I get at least 2-5 calls daily inquiring about membership…:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Ive pointed several new inspectors towards NACHI recently after they got dissed by that other organization. I didn’t slam the other org…they did. Said they were treated rather poorly in each case.

I was hoping to see a density deport.

Density map: