Love Bugs..! I hate them..Yep!

If anyone has driven in Florida during May and September they will know why I hate them.
Yesterday it was like driving through Love Bug rain.
Once the hit they are hard to remove…You have to wash them off as soon as you can or they will mess up your paint. What a pain in the ass…

Near Lake Erie we have Mayflys in spring/summer. Same mess as you show. I keep dryer sheets in my truck. Works well cleaning them off. They do not smear as much.
In their defense, their lifespan is only a view hours, less when they get splotched on the windshield!

I wipe WD40 or the areas they hit which makes them easier to wash off.

I’ll try that also, thanks!

Not on the windshield .

why do they call them love bugs??:laughing::rofl:

Damn little fu*kers ! :mosquito:

understand that. I want to try it on my front bumper. It’s steel but has a rough coating on it that makes it hard to clean. The spray bug cleaner in the bottle does not work at all!

I have also used baby oil, olive oil and cooking spray, but they gunk up on everything.
RainX on the windshield helps a lot.