Love Bugs

I have never seen the love bugs as bad as they are this year. They are usually pretty bad out in the country but not in the city. My house is covered with them. How are they around your house?

non existant right now anyways

Just washed the truck. They are pretty bad all over Brevard county.

Hey Greg Just did an inspection by the Sears town mall today and your right. I’ve never seen them this bad before. They bad all around the county but really bad up where you are. I was at a traffic light and they just cover my car in about a minute. Can’t stand the bugs.

That’s one thing I do not miss about the coastal cities along the Gulf. F%@ bugs suck!

Ive only seen a few so far up in the panhandle this year. Usually they are thick as fog. Their only known natural enemy is the automobile. They must taste like crap; nothing will eat them, even frogs or lizards.

Very few here but I was in Lakeland area yesterday and they were BAD. Doug I wish my 6# dog would stop eating them 3 years ago she almost died (internal bleeding) from eating them. Small Brain hasn’t learned.

Sorry to hear about your bug loving dog. We all know dogs will eat literally anything, and that’s all I am gonna say about that. My mother in law has two weiner dogs, one of them ate a cotton pickin paper napkin that had some bacon grease on it. It ended up costing them thousands of dollars and multiple trips to Gainesville. I told them a 20 cent bullet would have been easier, cheaper and you could buy a truck load of weiner dogs for that kind of money. They were not amused…:wink:

I tell my wife the same thing but the little thing has grown on me. (Dont tell anyone LOL)

Gotcha. My mother in law still casts a wary eye my way occasionally.

Hi Greg, I was in you neck of the woods on Sunday. Me and a few friends and ours wifes rode down on our Harley’s to Dixie Cross Roads. By the time I got there my fairing was completly covered. We then rode down to Melbourne Beach and you could not tell the color of the bike. Got hit in the eye a fews time. Never seen them this bad a well.

Hey Stephn,

Hope you had a good time. I live about 3 miles from Dixie Crossroads. They are starting to die out now. Hopefully they will go some place else.

Someone up here, who had experience with the bugs, told me that they eat the paint on vehicles something fierce.

Coat the trucks and wash 'em before an hour of bug juice is on 'em…is what he recommended.

What the heck are ‘love bugs’? Don’t they have a topical cream or a medicinal shampoo for that?


I got rid of about six thousand of them for you! They were plastered all over the front of the car on the way back from the wine and food festival at Disney!:mrgreen:

The will take the paint off of you car/truck. some put spray margarine on the vehicles to aid in removal

not bad in Gainesville this year, but 3 years ago, man what a mess

Haven’t seen hardly any this year on the beach. For those who got it bad, you better call Billy The Exterminator!