Low voltage wiring

I see exposed low voltage wiring all the time around air handlers, gas furnaces and whole house humidifiers. Usually it doesn’t look this good and I’ve even seen thermostat wiring tacked to the top surface of an attic floor. Does anyone ever mention stuff like this in their reports or is this the norm. I do call out thermostat wire tacked to the floor if it is in an area where there is foot traffic.


Is the thermostat wire in a place where it can cause issues such as blocking an access panel ?

What is your concern ?

The gas pipe is not supposed to leak which would be a bigger issue.

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The only time I get involved with any type of low voltage wiring is if it is ran in tandem with high voltage such as in the same conduit from the A/C disconnect to the control panel on the unit or as in a door bell step down transformed within a electrical panel. My best advice is not to make your self appear as a newbie by calling out what you have depicted in your posted pic. I say this smiling and not with an attitude;-)


I agree. I haven’t been calling any of it out, except when I see it ran across a floor where there is foot traffic. I was only wondering how common this was as far as the way it is just out there in the open all the time. It’s not in an area where there is a risk of someone running into it.

The gas pipe wasn’t leaking. I think what you were seeing in the picture was the adhesive from when it was installed originally.

While on the subject of the gas pipe. Has anyone ever seen it vented like the attached photo?


Where is the air intake ?

To restate ,don’t worry about the low voltage.
The Tee section is just not needed for anything.

While not a safety concern from the voltage, I might mentioned it if there is any way the wiring can easily be undone by child or animal running by and snagging the wires. As if the wires come loose, the AC doesn’t come on, and the homeowner comes home to a hot house with the blower running aimlessly.

Which I only know because my small dog has disconnected mine several times.:slight_smile:

Air intake was in the basement. It has almost 6,000 cubic feet of open area, no walls or doors, just a stair case coming down to the basement.