LP Smartside siding

Has anyone seen any product issues with LP smartside composite wood siding

Not product issues so much as installation issues:

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This is crap, it’s a coating over strand board that will rot warp and you name it.
Not a true Composite Siding, there are good one’s out there but this one will have problems.

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Yes with improper installation and/or improper maintenance. Obviously this is not a fiber cement siding but it is very good materials for what it is.

Larry has some good links above! Yes I also agree with the first that it is a great product for its type of material.

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I disagree. I’ve installed tons of it (most in S. California) and seen it perform well when installed correctly. It’s a matter of people getting what they paid for (high quality materials VS low quality) and using the product in an appropriate climate zone.

Hi kenton
I’ve read a lot of your work and respect your opinion, and am a fan.
That’s why I know we have a common back ground in the building industry side of your work.
Like You said correctly the climate has a lot to do with it along with installer’s
I’ve seen a lot of products come down the pike, like you say people get what they pay for.
I built home’s for 44 yrs, and I’ve seen products like this fail time and time again.
The heat and humidity are a big part of that here I admit.
For me I say it’s junk.If it works for you there great!

Yes, and it quickly turns to mulch is our area.

Exactly Dominic!
But I do understand where Kenton is coming from, I lived in San Diego for a little while and the climate is like night and day from ours.

Installed LP Smartside here in Northern Michigan with great success.

The link that Larry posted is an amazing “things to look for” guide from StructureTech. It is used pretty abundantly in the Seattle area, and in case you have not heard, we do get some rain here! Most of the time, the issues I see are uncaulked penetrations, unpainted cuts and bottoms and then not proper gaps over window and door flashings. These become a sponge quickly. I call them out, and basically let them know they have a condition installed that will not comply with warranty coverage as provided. Many homeowners will install this with many mistakes. I believe, if installed properly, it can be functional, even in the rain. That does not mean I want it on my house!

Most of where I’ve installed and seen it has been S. California and Colorado, both of which are pretty dry.

StructureTech also has a great article on water heater backdrafting with photos.