Smartside siding material

New stuff I ran into a couple of days ago.

[FONT=Symbol]·[/FONT][FONT=Arial]Smartside siding (engineered wood)[/FONT]

How Are LP® SmartSide® Products Made?

So what makes LP SmartSide products so innovative? They’re made by LP®, a recognized leader in engineered wood technology. Our team of experts developed a process to make our exterior lap siding, trim and fascia, soffit and panel siding look beautiful and perform exceptionally well in tough environments. When you choose LP SmartSide’s engineered siding products, you’re getting durability that lasts for many years.

All of our products are manufactured using the SmartGuard® process. This zinc borate-based treatment helps LP SmartSide products resist fungal decay and termites. We also utilize an advanced resin that adds exceptional strength and increased weather resistance.

server is down right now it appears for the LP site.

Smart Side LP products have been around since 1997…they came out as a replacement to the LP Inner Seal products that were involved in class action lawsuits, and can still be found rotting, buckling, swelling, etc on many homes built or re-sided mostly in the 90’s.
I have seen alot of failed Inner Seal, but have yet to see any failed Smart Side (panel or lap) products. And I have inspected hundreds of homes with LP Smart Lap and Panel. Like anything it has too be installed right, and sealed and painted properly.

This is the first home I have seen it used…it was brand new construction and the siding was buckling in a few locations.

The owner was under the impression that it was factory painted.

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Thanks guys…I had to think hard about staying in this business…after 3 years I’m still not where I wanted to be at, however it is improving slowly…by the time I’m 50, maybe this will make me enough money to breathe easier.:slight_smile:

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Smart siding, if it’s the same product I’m thinking of is nothing more that a thin 4x8 sheet of OSB with a laminate front and then primed. Junk!!!

Remember Masonite!

There are lots of products that fit that desription made by a multitude of manufacturers’ and it is not my first choice. Any wood based product becomes junk when it is not installed right, not caulked and painted right, and most of the problems is homeowners that just don’t take care of it.

I personally like Hardi-Plank, which is mostly concrete based. I have it on my house and it does not rot.

I have got to agree, these products are probably great when tested after 100% recommended installation practices. Problem is very few contractors have time or inclination to follow correct protocol.
Upshot:- homeowner has a “fragile” product that needs an inordinate amount of TLC.
OSB has too many sponge like qualities in any incarnation.

I’ve been here where I’ve always been…just spent some time contemplating a career change…but plan B wasn’t a viable option, so I decided to stick it out and get more devoted to my home inspection career. So I’m back here learning as much as I can from everyone here and providing any advice I can give.

I also agree that most composition siding is junk…my client was real impressed with this stuff, but I hadn’t heard of it so I just kept my mouth shut until I learned a little more about it.

Here’s a couple photo’s of the siding buckling…

Farris 002.jpg

Farris 003.jpg

I also like hardi plank, great product but with limitations too.


Was that Hardi Plank siding that was intalled to tight, butt joints not primed, not 1/4" from window jambs and not back primed?

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Here’s the website. I see it a lot on new construction.

Very usefull link Linus.

Hopefully, everyone reads and understands that Manufactured Products are not always installed per Manufacturers Specifications.

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Where is the backer rod and sealant joint between the window and the trim?

Let alone flashing?