Luxaire Age?

I believe these numbers are correct.
Model# TH080MF
Serial # 59400020804

I think this one is over 30 years old. Thanks guys.


Luxaire was formerly part of Westinghouse, now it’s part of York with sister brands Moncrief, Fraser-Johnston, Home Air, Coleman-Evcon.

There are two different types of serial numbers for York. If there are two letters at the start, the first or second letter could be the year. If three or four letters at start, third letter is year.

I’m not seeing letters in the serial # ???

Thanks David. Those are the only numbers that were on it.

I think it’s 38 years old. That looks like a pre-1970 serial number. I believe it is either May 1959 or May 1969, pick one.

I agree with Russel, I don’t believe it was made by Luxaire, may be it was distributed by them, the model # is very similar to Hupp/Typhoon models from 1967-1969.